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ManpowerGroup marks 65 years in Puerto Rico with new services, honors

Staffing firm ManpowerGroup is celebrating its 65th anniversary of being established in Puerto Rico and announced the addition of new services, held a discussion on the future of work featuring experts, and for the second consecutive year, was recognized for its performance globally and in Latin America.

The general manager of ManpowerGroup for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Melissa Rivera-Roena, said that throughout the past 65 years, ManpowerGroup has impacted more than 100,000 lives in Puerto Rico, “contributing to their search for employment, the development of talent and making significant contributions to the economy.”

“Our company’s history is full of stories of people who have achieved success through that first experience they had with ManpowerGroup,” Rivera-Roena said. “We have led with success in the talent search sector, and we continue to evolve constantly in order to meet the job market’s changing demands, setting the standard for development during crucial moments in Puerto Rico. Looking forward, we continue to innovate and add specialized services that offer value to our clients and help everyone in their search for temporary or permanent employment.”

In addition to receiving the Power Award from Mónica Flores-Barragán, president of the multinational company for Latin America, ManpowerGroup Puerto Rico also celebrated a congratulatory message from Jonas Prising, the company’s president and global chief executive officer. Flores-Barragán, along with other regional leaders, traveled to Puerto Rico for the anniversary.

The Latin America region president highlighted the long history of achievements shared by the three offices on the island. 

“Serving the community for 65 years is proof of the team’s quality and commitment, especially during the many challenges that the country has faced. We have watched progress in Puerto Rico with plenty of satisfaction and we foresee greater success in the future,” Flores-Barragán said.

New services at ManpowerGroup
Rivera-Roena announced the recent addition of ManpowerGroup Business Professionals to the company’s service portfolio, aiming to support businesses in their search for middle and upper management talent across various economic sectors and industries. 

“This new service offers a value proposition through the use of artificial intelligence tools and technology, managing data and indicators with a team of individuals specialized in hiring and selection in order to attract middle and upper management talent that meets each organization’s needs, corporate culture and its industrial sector,” Rivera-Roena explained.

The general manager noted that Business Professionals is joining the Experis brand, which facilitates the search for talent in more than 20 high-demand fields such as information technology (IT), finance and engineering. She added that the company “helps satisfy the need for having the right person in positions” that are critical for a business’ growth. Similarly, with Talent Solutions, its analysis capabilities help organizations hire, manage and develop personnel effectively.

Forum on the future of work
At the 65th anniversary celebration, a presentation on “The Future of Work” was given at the Puerto Rico Convention Center by Rosana Meléndez, senior human resources director for Walmart Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico Labor Secretary Gabriel Maldonado; Alberto Alesi, ManpowerGroup’s general director for Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America; and Rivera-Roena. The speakers discussed the jobs and skills required for the future of work, their visions for diversity and inclusion, and the challenges of ensuring employability for the youth while managing a workforce from various age groups. 

“We are looking at a market that requires the transformation of classic models for attracting talent with solutions that make it possible to act in a swift, agile and accurate manner when faced with each business’ specific challenges,” Rivera-Roena said.

“The future of work is drawing closer, and we have to adapt to the changes that come with it. It’s not only about evolving technologically, but also about understanding our talent. There are currently five generations living together; if we want to continue to be an employer brand and survive in the business world, we need to embrace diversity and inclusion, have leaders that guide and inspire their coworkers,” Flores-Barragán added.

As part of the anniversary, the company signed a collaborative agreement with the nonprofit organization Para la Naturaleza and celebrated five senior employees who stand out for their careers, which span more than 20 years: Damaris Castro, Saraí Collazo, Yadira de León, Doris Pagán and Yezenia Ramírez.

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