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MCS expands institutional wellness training program

A healthy group participates in the most recent MCS Wellness Institute seminar.

Health insurance provider MCS is expanding the scope of its Wellness Institute initiative to include more businesses looking to establish in-house programs to promote health in their workplaces. At present, there are 50 companies participating in the MCS program launched in November 2010.

The MCS Wellness Institute provides training workshops and a guide designed to assist employers and human resource personnel representing corporate accounts in creating their own wellness programs according to their employees’ needs. Similarly, MCS offers support in implementing the initiatives and the knowledge necessary to carry out the process of evaluating the progress of its participants.

So far, companies including Banco Popular, Bella International, Colgate-Palmolive, Carribbean Refrescos, Check Point, Dade Paper, Clinical Medical Services and Tegrant are among MCS’s client companies that have participated in the Wellness Institute training programs. Last week, the healthcare provider held a two-day workshop to train more program participants.

“By incorporating health promotion programs in the workplace, employers will not only help improve the employee’s quality of life, but also contribute to raising their performance within the company,” said Inés Hernández Roses, chief medical officer for MCS.

While MCS Wellness Institute program is just six months old, there are companies already providing feedback about the initiatives they have put in place at their own workplaces as a result.

Noraima Rivera, benefits coordinator for Positronic Industries Caribe Inc., said after participating in the MCS training workshop, the company developed its own wellness program it called “Connect to your health.”

“During the MCS Wellness Institute seminar we obtained the necessary tools to implement a successful wellness program as part of the added value offer to our company’s benefit package,” Rivera said.

So far, Positronic Industries Caribe has launched a series of events for employees, including its own version of the “Biggest Loser” weight loss challenge and a smoking cessation program, Rivera further noted.

“These initiatives have contributed positively to boost the morale of the participants, as well as raise awareness about improving health, quality of life and productivity,” Rivera said. “All this plus the return on investment goals, makes ‘Connect to Your Health’ a real alternative to reduce health-related costs and achieve Positronic Industries Caribe Inc’s strategic objectives.”

Since 2000, annual health-care related costs have increased by more than two to five times over the inflation rate each year. While U.S. mainland resident spend about $2 trillion in healthcare, less than 1 percent of that amount goes toward preventing health conditions, recent studies show.

“Today, our workplaces have become like a second home where we spend most of the day. This in turn makes it the ideal place to provide employees the knowledge they need to properly care for their health and develop healthy habits that help them have be healthier and show optimal performance in office,” said Anabelle Carrión, director of education and wellness for MCS.

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