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Metro Pavía Health devotes $10M to medical tourism

Guillermo Martín, vice president of operations of the Metro Pavía Health Systems.

Guillermo Martín, vice president of operations of the Metro Pavía Health System.

After a $10 million investment, Metro Pavía Health System has become the private hospital network with the highest number of medical tourism certifications in Puerto Rico, company executives said.

Currently, six of its member institutions have successfully concluded the process of training, evaluation and certification from the Medical Tourism Association (MTA).

“These certifications are a step in the right direction as part of our quest to serve as a pillar for the medical tourism industry,” said Metro Pavía Health System President Karen Z. Artau-Feliciano.

“Our main commitment is with all patients, including those visiting from abroad. We wish to provide them with the healthcare services that they need and deserve. In that way, we lay the groundwork for a strong economic development for Puerto Rico,” added the executive.

Artau-Feliciano explained that the certifications help to position Puerto Rico as an ideal destination for medical tourism patients around the globe. The “International Patient Services Certification,” awarded by the MTA is part of the strategies devised by the government of Puerto Rico’s Medical Tourism Corporation to promote the island as a viable healthcare option for visiting patients. Puerto Rico is the only jurisdiction in the United States to enact a medical tourism certification for healthcare providers.

“This is just the beginning of our goal to continue the accreditation process, to ensure that all our hospitals to obtain certification in Medical Tourism from the MTA. That way, we can diversify and expand the range of specialized services available for international patients,” said Guillermo Martín, vice president of operations of the Metro Pavía Health System.

Metro Pavía Health System’s certifications represent the successful culmination of over a year of evaluations and implementations to meet the quality standards required by the MTA, company officials said.

The hospital network’s first medical tourism certification — the first in Puerto Rico — was obtained in April 2015 by Pavía Hospital in Santurce, located in the municipality of San Juan. The healthcare institution, which has provided services to visiting patients for more than 25 years, received the highest score in the evaluations.

Presently, that distinction is shared by Pavía Hato Rey Hospital, known for its specialties in orthopedics and plastic surgery; Dr. Pila Hospital, with specialties in urology and orthopedics; Metropolitan Hospital in Río Piedras with services in oncology and women’s care; Pavía Arecibo Hospital, with its hyperbaric chamber and specialty in gastroenterology; and San Francisco Hospital for pediatric and general surgery services. Meanwhile, Pavía Hospital Santurce continues its string of success in the areas cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics, urology and neurosurgery.

Artau-Feliciano supported the transformation of Puerto Rico into a preferred destination for medical tourism patients as a way to strengthen the healthcare industry and its suppliers.

“As the private hospital network with more medical tourism certifications, Metro Pavía Health System offers the most comprehensive range of services for international patients,” said Artau-Feliciano.

Metro Pavía has patient information centers in St. Thomas, St. Croix and Tortola. Through the centers, patients can coordinate all the details of their visit, from flight itinerary, hotel stay and health services for them or their families. Uninsured patients can use the information centers to obtain exclusive fees for ambulatory services.

Metro Pavía Health System is the largest hospital network in Puerto Rico with 12 hospitals across the island: Pavía Hospital Santurce; Pavía Hospital Hato Rey; Perea Hospital, Mayagüez; Metropolitan Hospital, Guaynabo; Pavía Hospital Yauco; Pavía Hospital Arecibo; Metropolitan Hospital Dr. Susoni, Arecibo; San Francisco Hospital, Río Piedras; Metropolitan Hospital Dr. Pila, Ponce; Metropolitan Hospital Cabo Rojo; Metropolitan Hospital of the Mountain, Utuado and Metropolitano Hospital San Germán.

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Author Details
Author Edison Reynaldo Misla is a former publisher, editor and reporter, who currently works as a strategic business communications consultant.

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