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Mobile app allows employers to track employees’ time and attendance

San Juan-based RENOVA Solutions recently expanded the capabilities of its Employee Self-Service application to give employers with an option to minimize COVID infections while automatically tracking employees’ time and attendance.

The application was developed by RENOVA in Puerto Rico and is currently used by ECONO, SuperMax, Denny’s, MC21, and Grupo Colón-Gerena, among other local companies. The software’s new features are free for customers already using the application, the developer said.

The app works by showing a barcode or QR Code to employees, and when passing near a reader, it logs their attendance. Touchless attendance is set on specific clocks to prevent punches in unassigned areas.

Likewise, the app allows the customer to use a traditional Android tablet as a reader, avoiding the expenses related to the acquisition of high costs punch clocks, the firm said.

In addition to registering attendance, the application allows getting balances and request vacations, sick leaves, access working schedules, and payroll stubs, among other documents.

Employers can access features that facilitate remote management, such as creating, publishing and managing work schedules, approving and following up on vacation or sick days requests, and accessing the dashboard to identify attendance, excessive overtime use, lateness, and tendency to absenteeism.

RENOVA Employee Self-Service is configurable to meet the employer’s operational requirements, said Wilfredo Cosme, president of RENOVA Solutions.

“We established controls where the employer selects the permits, accesses, and geographic area in which he will allow clock-ins,” he said. “It also establishes the hours to register attendance, meal breaks, and clock-out, all in strict compliance with Puerto Rico labor laws.”

Likewise, it can establish specific clocks to be used by each employee. Cosme explained that with these functionalities, they seek to provide options to employers to gradually integrate their employees or maintain hybrid work formats according to company/employee needs.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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