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Muñoz Marín Airport installs real time parking availability system

Amid the increased demand for parking space at Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, its operator, Aerostar Airport Holdings, has installed an electronic system that lets drivers know, in real time, the number of spots available on each of its six floors.

Aerostar President Jorge Hernández explained that the vehicle-counting mechanism installed in the multilevel parking lot is highly accurate and reliable. He explained that information screens allow visitors to see in real time the number of vacant parking spaces on each of the levels so they can decide where to go quicker.

“The system makes it easier to reduce the time drivers spend looking for parking spots,” the executive said. “Thanks to the information on the electronic panels, the search for spaces will become more agile and will help maximize the traveler’s time, allowing [passengers] to reach their destinations faster.”

According to Hernández, the installation of the system represents a $200,000 investment. It is based on a series of sensors that capture the number of vehicles entering and leaving the structure and is immediately reflected in three panels located outside and two panels inside the building.

“Since Aerostar assumed the management of Puerto Rico’s main airport, our north has been to enrich and facilitate the user experience,” he added. “One of the ways to improve that experience is through the use of first-rate technology and the proactive communication it allows with the consumer.” 

Aerostar recently expanded its long-term parking, enabling 590 new spaces to meet the demand for multi-day vehicle spaces. The new electronic counting system will include the long-term parking lot in the future.

To improve parking safety, the company installed 100 monitoring cameras on the ceilings and walls of the different levels, with an additional investment of $200,000. Part of the camera system is programmed to provide greater security and helps find a vehicle’s location based on its color, brand and model.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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