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New chain of gas stations Ecomaxx entering market

Peerless Oil & Chemicals, announced today the launching of a new brand of gas stations in Puerto Rico – Ecomaxx – an “innovative concept for station owners who want to be more competitive and attractive in the market,” General Manager Luis Velázquez announced Wednesday.

The first Ecomaxx stations are expected to open next month in Cupey, Bayamón and Santa Isabel, with additional stations opening throughout the rest of the year and in 2013. This is the first brand of gas station to be launched by Peerless and is the result of many retailers expressing a desire for a more cost effective option for expanding their stations, he said.

Peerless will invest between $30,000 and $50,000 per station and plans to pitch its concept to the estimated 400 independent gasoline retailers islandwide, company officials said.

“Given today’s economic situation, independent gas station owners are facing huge challenges, including the rising costs of gas production. For this reason, these entrepreneurs not only need a more robust infrastructure, but also the tools that enable them to handle more consumer traffic at their stations. The Ecomaxx concept allows retailers to meet these objectives without losing their independence,” said Vázquez.

Peerless Oil & Chemicals, Inc. was founded in Puerto Rico in 1958. From its facilities in Peñuels, it supplies more than 200 stations both directly and indirectly in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The company also sells to industries, businesses and the government.

All-inclusive concept, independence encouraged
To launch the new brand of gasoline stations, Peerless has designed the concept to include contemporary canopies, primary and secondary signs, and pumps. The new stations will also include convenience stores under the “Maxx Store” and “Maxx Deli” names to attract the public to purchase other products in addition to fuel — which is the lifeline for most local gasoline retailers.

“For consumers, there are certain things that are more important than price when choosing a station. While this aspect is vital, service and security are important as well. That is why our concept took lighting into consideration,” said Vázquez, noting that Peerless will offer individual analysis and guidance to help owners identify the most efficient lighting options and electricity costs.

One aspect that also differentiates the contract process between Ecomaxx and other stations is the flexibility in the minimum time required to maintain the banner or brand, with the possibility of retailers placing their original names on the secondary signage under the Ecomaxx logo to retain their identities, Vázquez said.

Peerless will also help connect gas station owners with financial institutions that offer attractive financing options and a training program that includes seminars on regulatory compliance, inventory management and store management.

Peerless plans to make three grades of octane fuel available — 87, 91 and 93 — as well as gasoline with ethanol in the near future to preserve the environment. Furthermore, regular gasoline will incorporate a new additive with a larger amount per volume, which “will give Ecomaxx gasoline properties that enhance motor performance and power, clean with detergents and protect against deposit formation,” he said.

“We’re certain that Ecomaxx will be the choice among retailers and consumers who are looking for a new level of service and quality,” Vázquez said.

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Author Details
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