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Old Harbor Brewery reinvents itself by launching new canned beer format

Old Harbor Brewery, a pioneer in making craft beers in Puerto Rico, recently announced the launching of several of its beers in a 12-ounce can format, with an investment of more than $1 million in the purchase and installation of a canned beer packaging line.

In this way, Old Harbor seeks to continue pointing out “the pillars of freshness, quality and consistency” of its products in a more versatile packaging.

“This new can format offers consumers greater versatility, with lighter, more portable and consumer-safe packaging in a variety of scenarios,” said José Carlos “Che” González, brewing scientist at Miramar Brewing, Old Harbor’s parent company.

“In addition, cans are ideal for keeping the product fresh longer. One of the focuses of our work has been the development of processes and protocols ensuring the highest quality and care of this product. The Old Harbor team has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment in developing a culture that drives quality and freshness as a pillar of its vision,” he said.

The launching of the new format will make way for a series of initiatives and new products for consumer enjoyment, with the goal of continuing to innovate within the category of craft beers and expanding “Puerto Rican’s palate.”

“Another advantage of this canned format is that we can leverage and help local craft beers with co-packaging, which are currently made in the United States, encouraging local production,” said Lissy Alamo-Pagán, director of sales and marketing at Old Harbor and who is also Cicerone certified.

It should be noted that this certification [Cicerone certified] is awarded to experts with extensive knowledge and essential tasting skills related to beer.

The new canned beer format can be purchased in six-packs at supermarkets and individually in establishments such as restaurants, specialty bars and gas stations.

As previously reported by News is My Business in December 2022, the Old Harbor Brewery was “rescued” by Advent-Morro Equity Partners and Ballester Hermanos Inc., after joining efforts as investors to create Miramar Brewing LLC. Some $6 million was invested.

Miramar Brewing LLC was created to rescue the Old Harbor Brewery, the first craft brewery on the island. The acquisition reinforces key aspects that highlight the values and philosophy of this brand, which in 2018 opened a new location in Carolina that combines a brewery and entertainment area.

Also reported by News is my Business in August 2018, Old Harbor Brewery made a comeback in the hands of Destilería National Inc., which invested some $3 million to revive the artisanal brand after a three-year absence. News is my Business reported that the brewery had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015 and subsequently closed shop.

In an exclusive interview with this media outlet, then Investing Partner William Cruz said his company had been involved with Old Harbor Brewery’s former owners, Dito Inc., which ran into trouble — and “serious economic problems” — since 2015.

Cruz said at the time that it was impossible to also keep the Old San Juan property where the restaurant and bar was located for nearly a decade. It was sold during the Chapter 7 proceeding, which the court approved for Old Harbor Brewery in July 2016.

Destilería National Inc. also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020 according to local news reports.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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