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Op-Ed: How can your company evolve toward new reality of ‘Industry 4.0?’

Eighty-eight percent of the companies that were included in the Fortune 500 list in 1955, do not exist or are currently out of this ranking. That has been one of the most visible and tangible impacts of the digital revolution in the last 60 years.

Today, with the rapid incorporation of 4.0 technologies that connects the physical and virtual world, we are probably in the presence of the fourth industrial revolution. What will now be the impact of this new revolution?

It is difficult to be able to dimension it numerically, however, it is clear that this new reality forces companies to maximize their adaptability to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Industry 4.0 makes companies every day have access to more data in real time, drastically changing decisions that impact the entire production process. The efficiency in the use of the internet of things, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and robotics to create automated, fast and highly customizable processes are changing the way we work today. This includes all sectors and markets, without distinction, covering our employees, but also our customers.

Faced with this new reality, at Ricoh we advise you to start with a comprehensive business evaluation in order to identify the key areas to improve the organizational performance of our clients. Our value proposition involves empowering digital workspaces, positively impacting the experience of your collaborators and your own clients.

With this objective, the analytical diagnosis should concentrate on understanding how “digital” the processes are currently in the work environment, how they can be optimized and also automated. The key is to understand how these processes can add to the generation of important information for the company in real-time decision making.

As a last step in the transformative process, technological services and solutions should focus on supporting the organization’s leaders in the development and conversion of their specific strategies towards completely digital processes considering all the useful information and now at hand.

Author Diego Imperio is CEO of Ricoh Latin America.

From this point, they begin to move toward exceptional experiences for employees and customers, so that sustainable business growth is promoted through digital platforms.

In conclusion, in Ricoh we add value to companies by incorporating new solutions and technologies, integrating them with existing ones within the new business models and fundamentally aligned with the needs and expectations of customers.

The expected final result is a company with more efficient processes, greater savings and better operating results. A company according to the new reality of Industry 4.0.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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