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Óptima Seguros launches virtual inspection service

Óptima Seguros has launched a new service that allows performing virtual vehicle or property inspections during the claim evaluation process, while preserving the social distancing measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 on the island, said José Soto, vice president of claims.

“The application is safe and very easy to use from any iOS or Android device. First the insured or claimant coordinates an appointment through an Óptima claims representative,” he said.

“Then they will receive a link by text or email, which they must access on the agreed day and time using their phone or tablet with internet service, following the instructions. An Óptima Seguros representative will also be connected to carry out the inspection and be able to assist the client during the process, which, on average, takes only 15 minutes,” said Soto.

Once the client is connected and accepts the terms, conditions and privacy policy, and authorizes the application to gain access to the device’s microphone, front and rear camera, flashlight, and GPS location, the Óptima rep can guide the client through the claim validation process.

That calls for taking photos or videos of the damage to be able to conduct the inspection remotely.

“At the end of the video conference, the client disconnects the application and access to their device is null and void, offering them a guarantee of security and privacy,” Soto said. “Finally, our team generates an inspection report for the evaluation of the claim, subscription and/or reason for the inspection.”

If all the necessary documentation is in place, in most cases, the insured’s check will be mailed the same day of the claim.

“It is an agile and simple process, since our commitment is to provide an optimal service to our policyholders and producers,” Soto said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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