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Ponce Health Sciences University breaks ground on new $72M campus

Ponce Health Sciences University announced the start of the first phase of construction of its new $72 million campus, which will feature multiple study options, laboratories, a 700-seat amphitheater and technology rooms that will promote modern education.

Upon completion, PHSU will reportedly become the largest private medical school in Puerto Rico, and will increase the capacity of slots for medical students to 150.

“Our global vision of growth integrates a university with different health-related science schools with all accredited programs,” said PHSU President David Lenihan. “For this, it’s necessary to expand the physical space that allows us to grow so that we can expand the offerings.”

As projected by research firm Estudios Técnicos in an independent economic impact study, PHSU’s expansion will generate $401.6 million in new economic activity, supporting or creating 1,282 jobs with a payroll of $91.4 million.

Furthermore, the firm estimates that the project will contribute $21 million in new tax revenue to Puerto Rico and to the city of Ponce, during the construction phase alone.  

“The start of this construction brings with it interesting opportunities to continue developing professionals that contribute to the discovery and understanding of the allied health sciences. These new facilities come at an important time for the island, which needs to focus on research and knowledge of health in a time of great challenges,” he said.

The project is being financed by Oriental, through a loan that Patrick Haggarty, executive vice president of the bank said has “strengthened our partnership with PHSU. We’re confident that we’re participating in a unique high-impact plan that will provide new opportunities for many young people in Puerto Rico and the United States.”

“At Oriental, we seek to offer our clients solutions to meet their financial needs and support the development of their businesses. We seek to be a strategic partner in the decision-making of our customers, provide the tools they need and give them a service of excellence,” Haggarty said.

The new facilities will be located in Ponce and are expected to be ready in April 2022.

Ponce Health Sciences University was established in 1997 and focuses on the following disciplines: Medicine; public health; biomedical sciences; clinical psycology; and nursing.

The school has an educational center in Santurce that offers a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences, a Master’s Degree in School Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. 

“This project is presented as the great opportunity that will allow expanding the academic offer in crucial moments for the island and for the world in which health care becomes more relevant,” said PHSU Chancellor José A. Torres-Ruiz.  

“PHSU currently has a community of 1,490 students. In seven years, we plan to have a population of 3,150 students from our university community, which entails new academic programs, including the new school of dentistry,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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