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Ports Authority opens bid for $2M cruise docks security system upgrade

The Puerto Rico Ports Authority announced the start of a bidding cycle to perform improvements to the security equipment and systems at the San Juan Bay cruise ship docks to boost electronic security at the docks in that area, agency Executive Director Joel Pizá said.

The budget for this project totals $2 million, which includes a $750,000 Port Security Grant, $1 million in fund sharing that the US Department of Justice assigned to Ports, and $250,000 in the agency’s own funds, Pizá said.

The project will include integrating a new security camera system, repairing fiber optic lines, installing a new wireless systems, data and video recording and transmission equipment, and the combination of all the agency’s security and control systems.

“The project calls for updating 51 security cameras in the northern part of the San Juan Bay, which covers the perimeter of the passenger terminals, operational areas and part of the port front,” Pizá said.

“It also includes updating software programs and the infrastructure needed to transmit the data to the Authority’s servers. The system is part of the requirements to comply with the regulations established in our port area’s security plan and will benefit both federal and state agencies in clearing up incidents and crimes in port facilities,” he said.

“The Port of San Juan continues to be one of the most important in the Caribbean. Aware of this, we continue to make improvements as part of the government’s commitment to promote electronic surveillance projects to prevent crime, collect evidence of criminal acts, and protect the island’s main port,” Pizá said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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