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PR Blockchain Trade Assoc., Holberton Puerto Rico to promote Web3 literacy

To continue educating about Web3, Blockchain Technology and Crypto currencies, the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA), is announcing a collaborative agreement with Holberton Puerto Rico to jointly promote Web3 literacy on the island as well as create networking and job opportunities while supporting each other’s projects and initiatives.

“The Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association through its CryptoCurious initiative has been able to impact over 1,500 individuals through in presence and online events highlighting fundamental concepts about the beginnings of blockchain and cryptocurrency, expanding into new concepts to keep the Crypto communities in Puerto Rico at the forefront of Web3,” said Keiko Yoshino, executive director for the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association.

“Through this joint effort we hope to continue in our mission to educate and help future generations entering Web3 to stay ahead of the game of the emerging wave of revolution to the economy,” she added.

Holberton Puerto Rico supports the development of a highly skilled tech talent workforce to help position the island as an innovation-driven economy and a competitive player in the global arena.

“Collaborative learning is fundamental to our methodology. We believe that through alliances, such as this one with the PRBTA, we can complement and enrich our curriculum while providing significant and valuable learning experiences that will prepare our students for the rapidly evolving tech sector,” said Adam Beguelin, chief student mentor at Holberton School.

“We’re excited for the networking and career opportunities that will be presented to our Holbies through this collaboration,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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