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Pravan Health Group, Putnam Bridge invest $3M in clinic

Entrepreneurs Nicholas Prouty and David Melchor offer details of the new clinic to be developed in Santurce.

Pravan Health Group and Putnam Bridge unveiled Tuesday a new $3 million a new clinic at the Ciudadela complex in Santurce that aims to provide technology-driven and patient-centered access to health services based on an integrated model that incorporates wellness, preventive healthcare and urgent care.

Preventive medicine and wellness programs are universally recognized as the key to improving healthcare, executives said.

“There is an increasing cross-generational focus on wellbeing. Consumer awareness is building around the importance of nutrition and the potential to prevent and treat illnesses with changes in diet and exercise,” said David Melchor, founding partner and CEO of Pravan Health Group.

“However, most people don’t have a trusted medical partner to help them navigate medical, nutritional, wellness and lifestyle choices. Pravan Health will provide a much needed proactive and preventive healthcare practice in Puerto Rico,” he said.

Nicholas Prouty, managing director of Putnam Bridge, said he believes in business with a higher purpose — beyond just profitability —that makes a long-term difference.

At Ciudadela, a complex he owns, Prouty has shaped a model of new urbanism that is stimulating renewal and development all around Santurce.

At a chance meeting between the principals of Pravan Health and Prouty, they agreed on the U.S. Surgeon General’s vision of “working together to improve health and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities by moving the nation from a focus on sickness and disease to one based on prevention and wellness.”

Prouty saw the perfect fit with his vision of Ciudadela and was so convinced of the project’s potential that he partnered with Pravan Health to build the first and only concierge medical clinic and wellness center in Puerto Rico.

This state of the art of the facility has three components to be developed in phases. For the first two phases, the joint investment is estimated at $3 million.

The first phase comprises the Pravan Clinic, a 3,500 square foot membership-based concierge medical clinic focused on prevention and wellness that provides easy and 24/7 priority access to a network of Puerto Rico doctors and specialists, nurses, care coordinators, nutritionists and wellness coaches. It is projected to open in August 2017 and create more than 50 jobs.

During a second phase, the company will develop Pravan Wellness, a 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art, member-based wellness center and social club in a Zen-style ambiance, offering advanced wellness and preventive programs to help people achieve optimal health through an integrated model combining Eastern and Western therapies.

The center includes a social club with a restaurant and juice bar, a large salt-water pool and a wellness center with a variety of offerings such as medical spa, doctor-led fitness programs, high-tech medical esthetics, wellness products and healthy supplements, nutrition courses, community events and activities, and mindfulness practices. Corporate wellness packages will also be available.

The center is expected to open in December of 2017 and create more than 30 jobs.

A third phase, which is planned to launch during the third quarter of 2018, calls for establishing the Pravan Foundation, a philanthropic non-profit organization with the mission of promoting the development of healthier lifestyles in socially and economically challenged communities.

A portion of membership dues, together with donations from fundraisers, will be channeled through the foundation to inspire and help local families and communities with lower resources to lead healthier lives through prevention and education initiatives, the entrepreneurs said.

Pravan Health’s healthcare team includes primary care physicians that bring back the traditional concept of a trusted family doctor who has a close and personal relationship with a family and will always be available when needed.

They are supported by a curated network of the best specialists in Puerto Rico: cardiologists, dermatologists, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists and pneumologists, etc.

Based on their membership choice, members receive appointments within 24 hours; priority access to Pravan Health’s preferred specialist network; extended office hours and quality time with their doctor; 24/7 online doctor access through the Pravan Health tech platform; HIPAA-compliant consultations via online chat, phone or email; personal nutritionist and wellness coach access; e-prescriptions and/or home visits.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Carla Hoyos June 7, 2017

    Para tu info. No sé si estás al tanto de esto. Déjame saber si lo recibes.

    1. Michelle Kantrow June 7, 2017

      Saludos. Usted envió algo? La dirección electrónica es [email protected]. Gracias.

  2. Jennifer Tiller June 8, 2017

    We are HIRING FOR PRAVAN HEALTH ! Explore http://www.pravanhealth.com and if you share our love for inspiring a healthy lifestyle, let PINPOINT Puerto Rico know you want to be a part of the Pravan Team! You may send your resume to [email protected]. Connect with us @PinpointPuertoRico on Facebook/LinkedIN/Twitter or call 787-246-1113. Namaste.

  3. Hi Jennifer!!! Don’t forget me. If you need me to work with Pravan Health, just call me or let me know.
    You have my resume.

    Thank You!!!

    Angel L. Martinez


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