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Public relations professionals launch educational campaign

Under the slogan, “Porque Ser Relacionista es cosa seria,” the Puerto Rico Public Relations Professionals Association (ARPPR, by its Spanish acronym), launched its new campaign seeking to educate about the role of public relations professionals, reaffirm the importance of having a licensed public relations practitioner to develop and execute communications efforts, and promote compliance with Act No. 204, which regulates this professional practice on the Island.

“The objective of this campaign is to educate about the role and contribution of public relations practitioners to society through strategic communications focused on fostering solid and beneficial relationships between an organization and its diverse publics and stakeholders,” said ARPPR President Karen Garnik.

“We’re the voice of our industry and we want to clarify the vast distinction between the role of the licensed public relations professional vs. others who aren’t,” she said.

“This effort responds to our responsibility on behalf of our members, of all public relations professionals as well as with Puerto Rico,” Garnik said.

The campaign will feature in digital and social media platform executions including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on the official ARPPR website; public relations efforts and upcoming scheduled workshops and events, which are part of the continuing education program offered to members, students, and the government.

There are more than 1,500 licensed public relations professionals in Puerto Rico in compliance with Act No. 204. This law establishes higher education and professional expertise requirements for all practitioners who are upheld to a strict code of ethics.

“The hiring of unlicensed communicators can result in the mismanagement of issues and information, and lead to a crisis that could jeopardize the reputation or operation of any brand, company or organization,” said Garnik. 

The ARPPR was the driving force behind Act No. 204, enacted August 8, 2008. This law enabled the Regulatory Board of Public Relations Professionals which oversees the licensing process required for the public relations practice in Puerto Rico. All licensed public relations professionals are authorized to use their license number and seal as validation of compliance with the law. 

Puerto Rico is one of five jurisdictions at the forefront in the field of public relations globally that have adopted a law to regulate its practice. Thanks to the law, the industry is serving as a model for other jurisdictions internationally, she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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