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Puerto Rican execs. launch digital platform to foster employee retention

At a time when employers are facing the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff, two local entrepreneurs are set to launch Murmuratto, a software platform to foster an employee’s commitment to their jobs.

Local professionals Yolanda Lasalle and David Pagán developed the tool, along with a group of experts in programming, digital marketing, and cultural transformation. Murmuratto will be officially unveiled on June 23, during the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association’s annual convention.

Lasalle is an expert in manufacturing, processes, and organizational development, while Pagán is a Cornell University graduate who has led growth strategies, new product launches and international marketing for global consumer brands.

The Murmuratto software platform is the result of more than five years of research and development that seeks to promote, collect, implement, recognize, and reward ideas from employees that drive innovation and ongoing improvement of companies considering the strategies individual to each business.

The tool also seeks to promote better work environments by encouraging participation, diversity and inclusion while recognizing the contributions of the staff.

“We contribute not only to motivating the staff to present their ideas, but we make them part of the evolution of their contributions,” said Pagán, adding that several studies have shown that the effective management of ideas to solve problems, continuous improvement, innovation, and feedback are key to attracting and retaining the best talent in each industry.

To expand its offer, the platform developers established a strategic alliance with LaSalle’s namesake firm — LaSalle Group — which for more than a decade has served hundreds of clients in the United States and Latin America in processes of continuous improvement and cultural transformation to create high-performance leaders and organizations.

“This digital platform provides a comprehensive model for channeling employee insights into a diverse workforce like we have today. At Murmuratto, the concept of equality is widely promoted by providing the opportunity for every voice to be heard,” she said.

“The platform is designed to funnel ideas to expert leaders on specific issues who have the decision-making power to implement them,” LaSalle added.

The software has already been selected to participate in the Rising Entrepreneurs Program of the Bravo Family Foundation, founded by Puerto Rican businessman Orlando Bravo.

Studies show that more than 64% of employees in the United States are not engaged at work while globally it that number may be closer to 80%, the executives said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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