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Puerto Rico-based Advisers unveils Tim, an AI virtual risk advisor

The service allows companies in Puerto Rico, the U.S. mainland and Europe to evaluate key cybersecurity risks.

Advisers, a governance, risk, and technological compliance consulting firm based in Puerto Rico, announced the local launch of a virtual risk adviser called Tim. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Tim assesses the level of cybersecurity risk in high-risk areas with a significant history of exposure, regardless of industry type or company size.

Advisers said that, with the launch, it has become the first local firm to develop and train AI algorithms for cybersecurity risk assessments, allowing it to process and analyze security and industry data in real time.

Tim provides clients with a real-time vision of their exposure to industry-specific threats and recommends actions to lower those risk levels based on industry standards. It also presents a potential financial loss estimate if a security incident with data exposure occurs.

“The process of interacting with Tim and getting results is simple and fast,” officials said.

Advisers said it has also become the first local firm to offer managed IT governance, risk and compliance services under a subscription model through its website, similar to an e-commerce operation.

“Advisers offers virtual risk and cybersecurity service packages, making our solutions accessible to clients in Puerto Rico, the United States, Europe and other regions,” said Dimaris Aquino, president of Advisers.

“The availability of governance, risk and compliance services through a subscription model is excellent for midsize companies that do not have IT audit and compliance departments and prefer that expert advisers handle these complex topics, which are generally evaluated by external auditors and state and federal regulators,” Aquino noted.

Advisers has designed three services that help companies limit non-tolerable risk exposure:

  1. A high-level cybersecurity analysis based on federal models (suitable for internal users, given that it is based on interviews).
  2. A cybersecurity analysis with results validated and certified by the firm for external users, such as auditors and regulators.
  3. A cybersecurity drill to evaluate the company’s level of response to a proposed incident (tabletop exercise). With special emphasis on phishing scenario simulations with ransomware, which have recently targeted many companies in Puerto Rico.

Other services
Advisers also provides specialized services such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, which can be coordinated independently through the website or by phone.

The firm also supports companies under the virtual staff lending model, which includes two professional profiles difficult to recruit in Puerto Rico on a temporary basis: compliance project manager and systems auditor. 

The Advisers team is composed of systems auditors (CISAs), cybersecurity officers, project managers, certified public accountants (CPAs) and process engineers.

Cybersecurity risk is currently one of the biggest concerns for companies due to the proliferation of attacks on their information systems.

“We have noticed that many companies have not conducted cybersecurity risk assessments to identify areas with high-risk exposure, act and prevent future losses. As a local firm, we make it possible for companies in Puerto Rico to have accessible artificial intelligence tools and personalized advisory services to help them understand, in a simple manner, their key risks and, with the help of Advisers, minimize the exposure to future losses,” said Aquino.

She further said that because of Tim’s development, Advisers has established an AI project development practice.

“The experience and expertise we have acquired developing Tim allows us to collaborate with our clients on various projects that use artificial intelligence. We can help them implement AI projects that support their growth objectives and contribute to the success of their companies,” Aquino added.

Author Details
Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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