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Puerto Rico Public Service Regulatory Board conducts energy use study

The Energy Bureau of Puerto Rico’s Public Service Regulatory Board (JRSP in Spanish) has begun a study on energy use and is urging participation from energy consumers across the island. 

The objective is to gather data about the energy consumption patterns of the island to develop more efficient energy service programs and conservation policies. 

The bureau said the effort stems from its mission of ensuring a “reliable, efficient and transparent electrical system.” It is responsible for regulating, supervising and enforcing the island’s public energy policy, aiming to “provide energy services at reasonable costs” while promoting energy reliability and efficiency.

The study seeks participation from commercial energy consumers, including “offices, doctor’s offices and small businesses.” Participants are asked to provide tours of their facilities for an evaluation of energy loads and usage, providing the needed data for the study. 

The bureau said the confidential nature of the survey and visits ensures the data collected will not be attributed to specific individuals, households or businesses.

The research is also designed to understand energy use patterns in residential areas, with consumers participating initially through a digital survey on home energy consumption, from lighting to the daily use of various appliances. Participants who complete the survey might also be selected for home visits, where additional data will be gathered to understand specific energy uses and needs.

“Residential and commercial consumer participation in Puerto Rico is essential to ensure the success of this study,” stated Edgardo Contreras Aponte, director of the bureau’s Office of Engineering.

The study will be administered by the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), a nonprofit organization with offices in San Juan. The IBTS has worked in Puerto Rico for 10 years and has provided renewable energy services. The organization played a significant role in recovery efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, collaborating with municipalities, community groups and government bodies.

“The online survey takes only a few minutes to complete, and home visits will take approximately an hour, with business visits taking about 90 minutes,” said Gabby Geraci, Project Manager at IBTS.

To participate, consumers can fill out the survey or enroll for a home or business visit. For further details or to participate, individuals and businesses can visit IBTS.org/energiaPR.

Aponte stressed the importance of participation, stating that the effort would “create a more efficient future with greater energy security.”

“The results of this effort will benefit both the residential and commercial sectors, aimed at saving energy costs for Puerto Rican consumers and mitigating environmental damage,” Aponte added.

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