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Puerto Rico Tourism Co. marks ‘paradores’’ 40th anniversary

Tourism Company Executive Director Ingrid Rivera-Rocafort

Tourism Company Executive Director Ingrid Rivera-Rocafort

A new marketing plan, discount getaway package offers, and entertainment events are some of the initiatives that the Puerto Rico Tourism Company is setting off to celebrate the 40th anniversary of family-owned “paradores,” and promote and increase occupancy at the small inns participating in the “Paradores de Puerto Rico” program.

The announcement of some of the new strategies to be implemented in the upcoming months was made during the “Casa 40” event held recently in the historic Casino de Puerto Rico building in Old San Juan.

“Today we’re delighted to celebrate 40 years of family history and tradition. These small inns are an example of how Puerto Rican hospitality businesses have contributed to the economic development and creation of jobs on our island,” said Tourism Company Executive Director Ingrid Rivera-Rocafort.

“At the Tourism Company we’re proud to be part of the Puerto Rican tradition that is ‘Paradores de Puerto Rico’,” she said, noting that plans to be implemented in the upcoming months also call for promoting the “Paradores de Puerto Rico” brand in local and overseas markets.

Part of the promotional campaign has already been put into action. In April, the agency began rolling out several efforts: the “Enjoy your Paradores” package, which offers a $75 discount on a 2-day minimum stay; the inclusion of the “Paradores” brand in the ad campaign used for major events such as the World Baseball Classic, Saborea and the Puerto Rico Open, seen by millions of spectators around the globe; and the an aggressive marketing campaign in local media.

The agency’s marketing and promotion plan for “Paradores” focuses on local, U.S. mainland, Latin American, European, and Caribbean markets. Strategies include publishing a special edition of the “Qué Pasa!” magazine dedicated to the small hotels and the brand, as well as a commemorative guide with details of each inn.

Other strategies consist of the inclusion of “Paradores” brand as part of sponsorship agreements for local and international events; the “$40 for 40” package, a $40 per night discount incentive for a minimum two-night stay, for a total $80 off; featuring the brand in the Tourism Co.’s digital platform; an online reservation system that includes “paradores” small inns; and “Paradores” staff working side by side with agency sales representatives attending road shows and tourism industry events, she said.

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Author Details
Business reporter with 29 years of experience writing for weekly and daily newspapers, as well as trade publications in Puerto Rico. My list of former employers includes Caribbean Business, The San Juan Star, and the Puerto Rico Daily Sun, among others. My areas of expertise include telecommunications, technology, retail, agriculture, tourism, banking and most other segments of Puerto Rico’s economy.

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  1. bluepup July 3, 2013

    There should be more art festivals, involving both
    existing art on the island and the historical techniques
    used to create it. There was a time when Puerto Rico
    helped put silk screen art on the map. Now, only those
    on the island know the name Lorenzo Homar. In fact,
    there’s absolutely nothing, except a little history, on
    the silk screen process itself, in “enciclopediapr.org.”
    Nor is there anything that describes textile arts and those
    who contributed to the art in PR. The same with fashion
    design. Nowhere on Puerto Rico’s sites does Martha Sleeper
    and her 1950’s shop at 101 Calle Fortaleza appear even
    though she helped bring attention to the island. (People
    on the island might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot
    of interest about her in the states.)

    How about a mundillo workshop/converence advertised
    in the many fiber and textile magazines in the states? Has
    anyone looked at the interest (and $$$$$) sewing quilts
    generates up in the states? Mobs go, wherever there is a
    quilt festival, no matter the weather or distance. (Contests,
    for the best art quilts, give out sizeable amounts of prize
    money, too.)

    If chefs from the Food Channel can have cruises and
    “junkets to nowhere,” on food and cooking techniques, why
    can’t the Tourism Company do something more with the
    making of art? It’s shocking, that in Old San Juan, there’s
    not more attention and funding being given to La Casa del
    Libro and the process of letterpress printing, wood engraving,
    and even, library conservation. Don’t underestimate how
    many stateside tourists, retirees, and college students, will
    show up at such activities!


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