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St. Clair Foundation donates $60K to continue Música y País nonprofit

The Board of Directors of the St. Clair Foundation delivered a $60,000 donation to the Funcación Música y País, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the value of music and music education as an instrument of transformation and social change for Puerto Rico.

It was founded in 2013 by María
del Carmen Gil, renowned pianist, musician and educator, and rector for 15
years of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and creator of numerous
educational and community initiatives to provide access to music, the arts and
the musical education for children, youth and the Puerto Rican community in

The St. Clair Foundation made its
first donation to help preserve the “Music for Healing” program, which provides
healing benefits through music therapy to children and young people, mostly under
the custody of the Family Department and of the Red de Alberges de Menores de Puerto

“Music for Healing” has taken its
music therapy program to a total of 27 shelters across the island.

“Part of our mission as a
Foundation is to work with our children and youth, so that through music they
obtain opportunities for empowerment and improvement. Música y País does a
commendable job and we’re here today so that they can continue with these
efforts,” said Noemí Perez-St. Clair, president of the St. Clair Foundation.

“This is the first
collaborative project of our organization; our vision is to be able to impact
many more on the island,” she said.

“It has been a great
satisfaction and a privilege to support the work of the children’s shelters and
contribute through our music therapy program, ‘Music for Healing,’ to bring
healing and relief to the children and youth of these shelters, who need it so
much. The donation of the St. Clair Foundation allows us to continue this
beautiful and important work to impact the lives of these children,” said

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Ruth Lopez July 20, 2020

    Did that money come from the ESJ Towers. Owners Reserve fund?
    There’s only $7,833 in the reserve bank account.
    St.Clair is the administrator of ESJ Towers Condominium, he is not the owner. He purchased a management company and 55 hotel units. He then claims he’s owner and he is president and he has a collection of hotels.
    All lies.
    St. Clair has depleted the reserve account refuses owners requests to see the financial books and violates Puerto Rico’s Horizontal Property Law, he appoints himself and his cronies to the Board of Directors of the Council of Co Owner’s

    He will not give the insurance policy to the owners.
    He never answers questions , his administration is inept and belligerent to the owners. They have physically threatened owners, verbally assaulted and slandered several owners on a daily basis.
    Keith St. Clair and his pack have come to Puerto Rico to abuse the island and it’s people.


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