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Subaru shows its safety technologies, off-road capabilities

Automaker Subaru recently held its “Subaru All Mode” event with safety demonstrations and obstacle courses that included maneuvers over dirt, grass, rocks, logs, as well as on-road drives.

The event was held at “La Loma del Vecino,” a new chichorro-style business that recently opened in Guaynabo.

“Subaru is a brand that historically has emphasized the safety of its vehicles, and the fact that all of its models have all wheel drive, automatically makes them safer,” said Lilliam Portalatín, corporate fleet and retail sales director of Subaru’s distributor in Puerto Rico, Trébol Motors.

“This is evident over wet pavement and other slippery surfaces. When a traditional front or rear wheel drive vehicle loses control, it is because one or both of the wheels that drive it lost traction. That does not happen in a Subaru because all four wheels constantly keep contact with the pavement,” she said.

Among the harshest tests performed at the event, the Outback, Crosstrek, and Forester models passed through a dirt course prepared with steep bumps and holes so deep that at times, one of the rear wheels would be entirely lifted off the ground.

However, with the traction that it kept on the other wheels the vehicle’s Standard All-Wheel Drive system would keep on moving forward until it drove the vehicles over every obstacle.

The fourth model that was driven in the event was the Impreza, which was used for demonstrating the “EyeSight” system’s emergency braking function. As its name implies, this technology consists of a field of vision that covers seven areas.

This exercise showed how the Subarus equipped with EyeSight stop automatically when they detect that the vehicle in front stops abruptly. It also works when marching on reverse.

“We organized this event so that our guests could get a hands-on experience on our technologies,” said Portalatín, adding it will be repeated in the same place on Nov. 10, when it will be open to the general public.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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