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The ‘Well One’ app: Lead an employee wellbeing program right from your smartphone

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by AON Puerto Rico.

Studies have shown that healthy, happy and motivated employees deliver higher performance and remain more loyal toward their employers over time. A recent health survey held by Aon showed that 95% of employers recognize the link between wellbeing and productivity.

Therefore, investing in the health and wellbeing of employees is much more than a return on investment, it’s a return on the health and wellbeing of the company.

Recently, Aon launched Well One in Puerto Rico, a novel wellbeing mobile application for employees, and a data-based wellbeing dashboard for companies.

The Well One app helps you bring focus and clarity to your wellbeing strategy, while enabling healthy changes and behaviors across your organization. The data obtained from each user allows you to gain a scientifically calculated health index based on each employee’s lifestyle, offering employers an objective overview of the wellbeing of the company.

Subsequently, Aon experts analyze the company’s data in an aggregated and anonymous way to offer solutions that help improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees, thus reducing risks, and allowing the execution of the company’s wellbeing strategy. The Well One app by Aon allows you to:

Author Maricarmen Burgos-Carrión is executive vice president of Aon Puerto Rico.

  • Reduce risk to your business. Partner with employees, helping to reduce the risk to their health and to your business.
  • Create positive changes. Well One uses coaching, challenges and rewards to enable sustainable, healthy behavior change.
  • Make clear comparisons. Employees can compare their health scores with others across the organization, while you can compare across demographics, locations and teams and benchmark against other businesses in your industry.
  • A simple, useful assessment. The Well One app calculates risk scores so your organization and your employees can understand where they are today, meaning they can plan for tomorrow.
  • Get instant access. Data-driven insights are captured on a clear, easy-to-use dashboard. Instantly see the health and wellbeing changes of your employee population around the world and measure progress over time.
  • Provide a supportive culture. Show you care and want to support your employees by taking action and providing something that helps them to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Led by experts. Our team includes actuaries, physicians, clinicians and consultants and with Well One, the advice is now informed by deeper data insights than ever before, to deliver a return on your health investment.

The Well Oneapp provides clear, data-driven insights on the wellbeing of individuals, teams and the wider business using simple health scores and easy-to-read dashboards.

Through this tool, you will get everything you need to lead and help create changes in a healthy and sustainable way throughout your entire workforce. The Well One app by Aon, driven by data, powered by people.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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