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Transition to 4G/LTE networks allows Puerto Rican fleets to increase efficiency


Puerto Rico will begin to disconnect its 3G networks this year, which could lead to disconnection issues for those vehicle fleets that have not upgraded their telematics devices to the new 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

For this situation, Geotab, a leader in telematics and connected transport, has been applying the necessary changes to the services it offers to its customers so that they are not affected at any time, replacing their telematics devices, until now based on 3G, with new devices prepared for the capabilities offered by 4G/LTE.

We spoke with Sean Killen, Geotab’s vice president for Latin America, to see how this situation affects Puerto Rican fleets and what solutions Geotab brings to fleet managers.

What opportunities does this transition present for vehicle fleets?
Since these devices support faster networks, more data can be obtained about the vehicle in real time, so administrators can have a greater capacity to react to any situation. Consequently, all this collected information allows companies to make informed decisions based on data to further increase efficiency and safety in their vehicles.

What telematics solutions does Geotab bring to fleet managers and how do they help fleet maintenance or fuel savings? Are there solutions that improve driving safety?
Geotab’s telematics solutions allow monitoring any vehicle through GPS technology, IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity and on-board diagnostics (OBD) offering valuable information that can be visualized on the MyGeotab platform. It is then possible to organize all the data into customized graphs and reports that help managers achieve their unique goals.

With these tools, fleet managers can adopt a predictive maintenance approach that allows them to locate any component faults or failures early and take preventive measures, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. Likewise, our solutions make it possible to monitor fuel levels and detect practices that are not conducive to fuel savings.

Finally, we have tools that help increase safety behind the wheel, such as driver safety reports that show any risky practices, and even third-party solutions that can be fully integrated, such as dashboard cameras or data logging and collision reports.

How important is the Puerto Rico market for Geotab, and what are the prospects for the future?
Puerto Rico represents a very important market for Geotab, and we make available to companies all our solutions and experience, as leaders in Latin America, to help fleets make this transition. Geotab is a key technological ally in the transition from 3G to LTE and our goal is that all companies that find themselves in this situation know that they have customized solutions so that their fleets do not face the risk of being disconnected.

Geotab drives the mobility of the future through digitization, using telematics and supporting companies to enhance every aspect of their vehicle fleets.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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