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Trio pursues sharing tech info from Puerto Rico

From left: Nagnoi executives Guillermo Caicedo, José Luis Rivera, and Alan Koo.

From left: Nagnoi executives Guillermo Caicedo, José Luis Rivera, and Alan Koo.

Three local experts on business intelligence and technology are pursuing the creation of a global information community in Puerto Rico.

Guillermo Caicedo, Alan Koo and José Luis Rivera, who are all in their thirties, work for local tech firm Nagnoi LLC, and believe that Puerto Rico is a breeding ground for innovation that can be shared worldwide.

“While it may be alluring to leave Puerto Rico, the reality is that there are many opportunities to innovate if one seeks them. There is much complacency on the island and we must get out of that mindset,” said Rivera, who joined Nagnoi two years ago and, like his peers, has received the Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” distinction for his professional work.

Caicedo, meawhile, noted “it is wonderful that our contributions in this field have repercussions in many countries.” The Microsoft award is a recognition given to leaders in the technical area.

Koo, who has been working at Nagnoi for the past nine years, has been dedicated to the development and implementation of STARSTrack, a product designed to monitor and improve the performance of health institutions tied to quality measures.

Founded in 2002, Nagnoi has a history of excellence that has been internationally awarded multiple times.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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