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Truenorth tech solution for Treasury Department featured in IBM case study

IBM recently highlighted Truenorth Corporation in a case study about a technology solution the Guaynabo-based company worked on for the Puerto Rico Treasury Department in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and María.

Truenorth, along with IBM partner PSR, helped the Treasury Department develop and implement a continuous availability solution that is based on IBM z14 technology. This enabled the government agency to maximize uptime and resume operations quickly after the disaster.

“We reacted quickly to the disaster and engaged our technical resources to make sure that the Treasury’s systems were available for use as soon as possible. We kept a direct line with IBM on the events that were happening after the hurricane hit the island,” said William Román, CTO at Truenorth about the project.

Truenorth helped implement the new system to help the Treasury Department recover from the hurricanes and provide the agency’s infrastructure with more resiliency.

“The Truenorth team joined us on the ground from day one, helping to figure out how to manage the project within such tight deadlines. And once PSR was on board, we had daily brainstorming and troubleshooting meetings to help us evaluate, test and implement the proposed solution,” said Raúl Cruz-Franqui, CIO of the Treasury Department.

“Being able to rely on the constant support of both partners was very reassuring, especially as this kind of solution was new territory for us,” he said.

The Treasury’s old production server was replaced with an IBM z14 server, which has a faster microprocessor, offers better data protection, simplifies regulations compliance, and allows users to apply machine learning to their data so they can create deeper insights. Truenorth also set up IBM’s Global Mirror, which allows the agency to replicate data asynchronously to another IBM z14 server located at another site.

Truenorth also helped upgrade the Treasury Department’s data storage with IBM’s DS8884 hybrid storage, which provides more functionality in a compact unit; and the IBM TS7760 virtual tape system, which provides optimum data protection and ensures business continuance, the company said

“With all these changes, the Treasury Department can now safeguard all its data and have easier access to it. If a disaster hits its main data center, the department can switch to its secondary infrastructure and continue working, thus minimizing impact to its daily operations,” said Román.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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