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2 Puerto Rico cities among only 9 in US where women earn more than men

Pheabs, a consumer finance intermediary, has revealed in a new data study that only nine small cities in the United States have women earning more than men, and it turns out that Puerto Rican municipalities Ponce and Caguas were ranked the fourth and fifth cities where women earn more.

The report analyzed federal data on the gender wage gap in small cities with populations ranging between 50,000 and 250,000. Government statistics show that women are paid 83 cents for every dollar paid to men. The wage gap in the nine small cities where women earn more than men is calculated based on the median earnings for male full-time, year-round workers and their female counterparts.

Pheabs.com founder, Daniel Tannenbaum, said that equal pay is important, as it affects people’s ability to save money, support their families and keep up with the cost of living.

California had the highest number of cities on the list, with three, while Puerto Rico and Florida had two each.

Jacksonville City, North Carolina, was listed as the top small city where women earn more than men, with a median income gap of -$3,632. Inglewood City, California, was listed second on the list, with a median income gap of -$2,255. Miami Gardens City, Florida, was listed as the third city on the list, with a median income gap of -$1,717. 

Meanwhile, Ponce’s urban zone has a population of 109,930 with median earnings for female full-time, year-round workers at $24,196, or $1,082 more than men. Pheabs described the southwestern city as being “known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. The city is also a hub for commerce and industry, with a thriving economy and many job opportunities,” and called its ranking “a huge achievement for this island nation.” 

Just south of the island’s capital, Caguas is “known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes,” the company said, referring to its location in Puerto Rico’s central mountain range. Its urban zone has a population of 73,040, with median earnings for women $405 more than men.

Other cities on the list included Union City, New Jersey; Waterbury City, Connecticut; West New York Town, New Jersey; and Waukegan City, Illinois.

While the report is a positive sign for pay equality, the wage gap is still significant in many other cities across the U.S. The factors that contribute to the gender wage gap include discrimination, lack of support for family caregiving and male-dominated workforces.

Although Puerto Rico’s labor-force participation rate reached its highest level since 2010 in fiscal year 2022, with an average of 43.9%, island-wide there were more men (54.5%) employed than women (45.5%).

The nine small cities and their wage gaps, according to research by Pheabs.com:

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This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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