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Hurricane María

United for PR awards $481K in funds to 4 PR nonprofits

Pastor Edwin González, representative of WaterSteps, chats with Aurelio Alemán, president of United for Puerto Rico.

United for Puerto Rico, a private nonprofit created after Hurricane Irma, announced the award of $481,000 in funds to four local nonprofits: La Perla de Gran Precio, Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, Centro de Ayuda Social, and the National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund.

La Perla de Gran Precio in Bayamón, a nonprofit organization supporting individuals with drug addictions and disabilities, will be receiving a $100,000 donation to be distributed among eight of its organizations and/or programs helping communities in need in the Metropolitan Area:

  • Hogar La Perla de Gran Precio located in Bayamón, provides shelter for HIV women with mental disabilities.
  • Hogar el Pequeño Joshua in Bayamón, offering services to patients’ children of La Perla de Gran Precio and children with high risk conditions referred by the Puerto Rico Family Department;
  • Hogar Intermedio Nancy Borschow in San Juan, an intermediate home for HIV women;
  • Programa Alternativa Positiva of San Juan, offering physical, psychological and alternative therapies for HIV patients;
  • Programa Compartir Comunitario of San Juan, a permanent home for people of 50+ years with physical disabilities;
  • Programa Integración Colectiva in San Juan, offering permanent housing for homeless people with disabilities;
  • Programa Alcance Comunitario, provides food, showers, health and social services to homeless men and women;
  • Programa Tu Casa Valley in San Juan, a program offering 10 housing vouchers for people with physical or mental disabilities.

In addition, Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, member of Feeding America, providing food for the past 29 years to children, sick, disabled and homeless people with socioeconomic disadvantages, will be receiving a $100,000 grant to deliver food to communities affected throughout the 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico.

Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico’s mission is achieved through a network of nonprofit organizations and local churches affiliated to the institution, responsible for the distribution of food and provisions to individuals in need.

The third beneficiary is the Centro de Ayuda Social which has been granted $48,000 to establish 13 kitchens which will be providing close to 800 daily hot meals to communities on severely damaged towns on the north coast, from Manatí to Loíza. Part of this grant will be used to purchase the generator to guarantee the safe keeping of food and supplies to be used on a daily basis.

Lastly, the National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund and its project Operation Oasis will receive $233,000 to supply drinkable water solutions to the 78 municipalities.

This is a collaborative project between the NPRLCEF and WaterStep, an international nonprofit that provides safe water to communities in developing countries. With more than a decade of missions in India, Asia, Africa and Central and South America, WaterStep, provides aid by creating local partnerships in devastated areas to bring safe water and healthy practices to communities in need.

“United for Puerto Rico’s mission is to provide assistance to individuals and small businesses devastated by Hurricanes Irma and María. Our commitment is to help them and as a direct result we will be helping Puerto Rico to get back on its feet. We are deeply grateful to those individuals and companies that have contributed to the recovery of the affected communities,” said Aurelio Alemán, President of United for Puerto Rico.

For more information about United for Puerto Rico visit www.unidosporpuertorico.com. Donations can be made by PayPal; ATH Móvil dialing (787) 552-9141; ATH Móvil Business using pATH UnidosPorPuertoRico; wire transfer to Unidos por Puerto Rico/United for Puerto Rico, Account Number: 0108501910 at FirstBank Puerto Rico, Routing Number: 221571473, SWIFT:FBPRPRSJ.

United for Puerto Rico is accepting proposals for consideration at: www.unidosporpuertorico.com. Petitions will be evaluated and approved, on a weekly basis, by the Board of Directors.


“We invite nonprofit organizations to send their proposals so that we can continue to help Puerto Rico,” Alemán concluded.

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Author Details
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