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Veterans Affairs partners with T-Mobile for Caribbean health care connectivity

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has chosen T-Mobile as the primary wireless provider for the Caribbean Healthcare System, which covers VA hospitals and campuses in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, under a 10-year contract. 

The partnership aims to utilize T-Mobile’s 5G service to improve connectivity for health care professionals at 15 locations, supporting patient care, telehealth services and disaster response efforts.

The wireless communications provider said the initiative marks a significant step in modernizing health care infrastructure and services for veterans in the Caribbean, demonstrating the transformative potential of 5G technology in the health care sector.

The agreement includes providing wireless lines and mobile internet hotspots to VA health care professionals, alongside boosting in-building 5G coverage at the San Juan VA hospital and a Mayagüez outpatient clinic. 

T-Mobile said in its news release that the reliability and low latency of its 5G network helps communication among health care providers, patients and their families, enhance telehealth capabilities, and improve disaster response and medical care during emergencies.

“We’re honored to support VA healthcare professionals across Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in their life-saving work,” said Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group. “Our leading 5G enables us to partner with our healthcare customers on unique solutions – from working with Boston Children’s Hospital on healthcare’s first 5G hybrid network to helping VA Caribbean Healthcare system doctors and staff stay seamlessly connected to relief workers and the wider community in the most dire situations. That’s the impact of 5G.”

T-Mobile added that its commitment extends beyond connectivity to enable innovative health care solutions, such as augmented and virtual reality applications for medical training and patient care, and advanced patient monitoring technologies.



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