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Report: T-Mobile Puerto Rico leads in global 5G availability

A new report from research firm Opensignal found that T-Mobile subscribers, including those in Puerto Rico, have the most consistent access to a 5G signal worldwide. The company is also the only wireless communications provider in the U.S. to win a 5G global award for the third consecutive year.

The report highlights that T-Mobile users in Puerto Rico spend 65.3% of their wireless use time connected to an “active 5G connection,” which is significantly more than other providers around the world. For example, T-Mobile USA users spend 56.1% of their time on active 5G connections, followed by South Korea’s KT and India’s Jio, which scored 49% and 41.6% 5G availability, respectively.

“For years, our team has been hard at work building a robust 5G network at a pace never seen before, even in the LTE era,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, president of Technology, T-Mobile. “To be recognized as the best in the world for 5G availability is a huge accomplishment, especially as one of the largest countries on the list.”

T-Mobile Puerto Rico also secured a consecutive win among providers in countries and territories smaller than 200,000 square kilometers in land area.

“Being recognized as the best in the world is a testament to our commitment in positioning Puerto Rico as a leader in innovation and technology that ultimately drives economic growth for our island,” said Jorge Martel, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile Puerto Rico. “We are extremely proud of this accomplishment as we work to be the best in the world at connecting customers to their world.”

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