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Vitrina Solidaria hosts ‘Pop-Up Sale Mom’s Edition’ to support entrepreneurs

Vitrina Solidaria is hosting a “Pop-Up Sale Mom’s Edition” to support local entrepreneurs and provide practical business experience to program participants. On this year’s Mother’s Day, the product and service sales event will feature 24 businesswomen and one businessman, many of whom are graduates or receive training from the El Yunque Emprende acceleration program. Vitrina Solidaria helps accelerate microenterprises and social ventures while promoting sustainable development and a solidary economy. The nonprofit organization showcases artisanal production and provides equal opportunity for entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, marketing and sales activities.

The organization holds the “Pop-Up Sale Mom’s Edition” every year with the support of the Banco Popular Foundation with the objective of the event also serving as practice and a showcase for the products and services of new entrepreneurs who emerge from its business acceleration programs. 

With this effort, Vitrina Solidaria aims to provide its participants with real business experience and the opportunity to implement the knowledge, skills and technical tools acquired during training, contributing to the development and strengthening of their businesses.

“‘Pop-Up Sale Mom’s Edition’ is an extraordinary opportunity to showcase and sell products from over 25 microenterprises, 96 percent of which are women-led and whose philosophy is based on sustainable development and a solidary economy,” said the executive director of Vitrina Solidaria, Raquel Skerrett-Escalera.

The event will take place on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Banco Popular Foundation in Hato Rey, and will feature a variety of accessories, jewelry, beauty products, textiles, art, photography, stickers, different types of food and beverages, and natural products. In addition, massages and the sale of typical Puerto Rican food will also be part of the Mother’s Day event.

The companies that will be present are: Yaimar, Pizzeria 188, Bella Mía Gifts, TuYo, MaRod Collection, Canela Pastelería Artesanal, Belleza Dajovi, Romikachi, Puerto Rico Landscapes, PurpleSnap, Memories & Dreams, Caribbean Imports, Vida para la piel, The Juju Spot, Esencia D’Flor, Isla Mía Boheme, Art Bella Flair, Dulces Tentaciones by NK, Utopian Home & Body Care, Salt and Sand, Porta Company, Casa de Niños Popular, Michell Skin Care, La Vara de Maelo, and Movimiento y Energía Inc. (M&E).

“At our organization, we live by the principles of a solidarity economy, and we firmly believe that a good way to honor Mother’s Day is to give a gift that arises from solidarity by rewarding the efforts of those who seek to undertake and succeed,” the executive director added.

Banco Popular Foundation is on Ponce de León Avenue, at the corner of Quisqueya Street, in front of Popular Center in Hato Rey.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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