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Women-led VIP Brokers Group marks 4th year in sales

VIP Brokers Group, an insurance company run by women and founded in August 2019, is celebrating its fourth year of sales growth focused on offering several health, life, disability and Medicare Advantage products while creating new job opportunities.

“The key has been to focus on our agents and promoters, offering flexible hours that allow them to generate enough income to support their families,” Issa Morales, president of VIP Brokers Group, explained. She emphasized that the jobs offered are tailored to individual employee needs, taking flexibility into account.

The agency is looking for a specific profile of candidates that mainly includes an interest or previous experience in sales, in addition to obtaining the authorized representative license to sell insurance issued by the Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner.

VIP Brokers Group has created a diverse group of independent agents and promoters who have previously worked in all types of industries such as car sales, food service, wholesale and retailer, and health care, she said.

Its initiatives focus on training and upskilling sales representatives, including those who may have previously faced employment obstacles as they operate their own businesses. Many of them were looking for the flexibility that their industries did not offer, Morales noted.

“We currently have independent agents and promoters working with us who have young children, for example, and a fixed full- or part-time schedule did not work for them as a family. As an insurance agent, you can create your work schedule week after week and achieve your personal sales goal with complete flexibility,” said Ileanexis Guadalupe, general manager of VIP Brokers Group.

The efforts of VIP Brokers Group have been instrumental in injecting new economic activity that has increased families’ disposable income, improved their living standards and stimulated local businesses, creating a domino effect that benefits the entire community.

“My dream was to create a company where the family is and always will be the priority,” Morales said, adding that her accomplishments were possible despite having to navigate the pandemic, earthquakes, the labor crisis and “many other challenges that 2020 brought and that Puerto Rican businesspeople continue to cope with in one way or another.”

Currently, VIP Brokers Group boasts a team of 52 agents and promoters.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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