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Wovenware predicts major AI trends for 2024

Wovenware, a Maxar Intelligence company and a provider of artificial intelligence and custom software solutions based in Puerto Rico, has released its annual predictions on the key trends that will shape and influence the technology industry in 2024. 

Generative AI and other forms of AI will drive the majority of tech spend, accelerating the value of data and the cloud, and prompting the development of government regulations for safe use, the company said in a news release.

“The launch of ChatGPT, Google Bard AI and other generative AI solutions put AI on the world stage across virtually all sectors in 2023,” said Carlos Meléndez, Wovenware’s chief operating officer. “Following the economic uncertainty of the past year and cautious IT spend, which could continue into 2024, the possibilities of AI will shift from exploration to full-blown adoption, reinvigorating the entire tech industry and ushering in a new period of digital transformation and innovation.”

Wovenware predicts these key tech trends for 2024:

– AI becomes democratized: Machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other AI forms, previously adopted by pioneering organizations, will become essential tools for most organizations in 2024. These organizations will need to integrate them into their tech stacks, govern them and use them as productivity tools to support humans.

– Data get deliberate: As companies become data-driven, they will be more intentional in collecting and leveraging data in 2024. They will define their data goals and ensure they have the right data for accurate analytics.

– Economic uncertainty looms: Organizations will remain cautious about IT spending as they recover from 2023’s economic uncertainty. Digital initiatives will be vetted for profitability, cost reduction and quick return on investment. AI will meet these requirements and encourage the expansion of cloud usage and graphics processing units that fuel AI.

– Government gets real about AI governance: Although the U.S. government is actively understanding AI, no formal policies for its safe and effective use exist yet. In 2024, increased cooperation among government, business and academia will lead to regulations ensuring fairness, transparency and the prevention of AI’s malicious use.

– New tech zones emerge: With the U.S. government’s declaration of new tech hubs, regional tech centers will grow as attractive destinations for companies outside Silicon Valley. Amid a tech talent shortage, interest in regional hotspots with a strong university base, reasonable cost of living, high quality of life and infrastructure to support entrepreneurship and innovation will increase.

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