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WSP USA Building Inc./Marvel Architects chosen to develop PROtech project

The consortium comprised by WSP USA Building Inc./Marvel Architects has been chosen to develop the Puerto Rico Ocean Technology Complex (PROtech) project in Yabucoa, the Department of Economic Development and Commerce announced.

The consortium for the $300M thermal ocean energy project unveiled in July was chosen after completing the selection process to develop the complex “that will be the hub of multiple eco-friendly projects and scientific research,” Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel A. Laboy said.

“We thank the 34 companies that showed interest in being the architects of the world’s largest OTEC pilot plant that will create an ecosystem that integrates research, innovation and economic development by creating industries that derive from deep water use,” he said.

“We selected WSP USA Building Inc./Marvel Architects, because the collaboration between these two companies creates a highly qualified team with international experience and the capacity to develop this cutting-edge project,” Laboy said.

Once the company’s selection notification is issued, the third phase of the project begins consisting of a pre-agreement between the developer and the Puerto Rico Land Authority to start negotiations for the lease of the land where the development will take place.

This phase also includes feasibility studies, development of the project’s structural design of and the start of the permit application process. This process should be completed in the second quarter of 2022. 

The fourth phase includes planning the construction and ocean thermal energy systems follows. According to development plans, the project must be in its final phase of searching for tenants and industries by 2027, government officials said.

“PROtech is a key project that will give space to multiple emerging sectors based on OTEC technology, which will make Puerto Rico one of the leading deep-water research and application centers in the world,” Laboy said.

“We’re confident in the development and success of this project whose master plan we crated based on feasibility studies of recognized entities, such as Makai Ocean Engineering, Technical Studies, Integra and Technical Consulting Group, together with other government agencies,”  he added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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