‘Sprint Drive First’ mobile ‘app’ free for 15 days

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Sprint has created a list of tips to help customers focus on driving.

Sprint has created a list of tips to help customers focus on driving.

In support of the recently approved law banning the use of mobile phones while driving in Puerto Rico, wireless carrier Sprint is offering its “Sprint Drive First” application for free for 15 days, company officials announced Thursday.

The mobile app can block and send automatic replies to text messages while the person drives, doing away with possible distractions behind the wheel. The app locks an Android mobile phone when the phone’s GPS detects motion above 10 miles per hour.

“Sprint Drive First” can direct incoming calls to voice mail and silences distracting alerts. A customizable auto-response can be sent to all text messages, which are held until the driver comes to a stop.

Since 2005, Sprint has worked on behalf of its customers and employees on the issue of distracted driving by partnering with schools, nonprofit organizations and product developers on various programs to help combat texting while driving and promote responsible driving.

Sprint Drive First has a fee of $2 per month per phone (excluding surcharges and taxes). However, the company is offering a 15-day free trial by downloading the app from Google Play or visiting sprint.com/drive.

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