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1935 mansion in Corozal converted into short-term rental property

Inspired by his passion for his town, a businessman from Corozal purchased a mansion built in 1935 in this mountainous town to convert it into short-term housing.

The structure of the house was modernized on the outside, but inside it maintains its original appearance almost intact from when it was built more than 80 years ago, with an investment of about $150,000 so far, News is my Business confirmed.

Reconditioning the property took about a year to complete.

“My intention is that people can travel in time while enjoying this giant house. We have developed an experience that will make guests feel like they are in a time capsule,” said the property’s owner, Omar Padilla, adding that the space will be open for special events.

“Outside you’re in 2022, but when you enter, you’re transported to 1935,” he said.

The structure was christened “La Casa Grande” because that is how the people of the neighborhood where it is located historically called it. The history of the hacienda dates to 1935 when a businessman called Don Chepo moved to Corozal with his family to undertake an agribusiness project.

According to relatives and neighbors, by 1942 the US government began to buy products harvested on this farm in Corozal. So, of all the products that were produced on this farm, 90% were sold to the army for World War II.

“It’s precisely this historical contrast that makes the experience at La Casa Grande different. You have a house with a pool with a heater, three floors, terraces, and incredible amenities to have a good time with your family, but at the same time you will be able to connect with a fascinating story of a Corozal family that for many years forged an economy in our town,” Padilla said.

The property has seven bedrooms, nine beds, three bathrooms, five balconies, a heated pool, a rooftop, and a patio for events, is available through the Join a Join and Airbnb platforms.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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