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Oracle marks 30 yrs. in Caribbean with launch of Startups Hub program

What began as a database company has now positioned itself worldwide as a leader in technology solutions through the creation of the first and only intelligent database in the industry.

This is how Oracle is celebrating 30 years of presence in the Caribbean, a history of digital transformation and contributions to society alongside collaborators, partners, and users.

“Oracle is proud of the history it has built in the Caribbean in these 30 years. It’s the result of an evolution that has advanced hand in hand with our employees, customers, and partners,” said Oracle Caribbean Manager Luis Marrero.

“We’re excited to look back and see everything that has been achieved, but even more so, to look forward and see everything we have and can continue to do. Our goal is to turn the Caribbean into a center of innovation in the next five years,” he said.

To promote innovation in the region and as part of the celebration of these three decades of operations, Oracle launched the Startups Hub program for the Caribbean region, led by the Oracle Innovation team, which proposes a strategy with more personalized initiatives, based on the reality of each territory, as well as the business expectations of each startup.

“The geographical location merits that the Caribbean be seen as a great hub for innovation of technological services, promoting from here the creation of technological companies and great potential in human resources,” he said. “From Oracle we see the Caribbean as a strategic bridge between the South and the North.”

Educating new talents for Caribbean region innovation hub
Programs for the training of future professionals and their employability are a priority for Oracle in the region with a view to their social development and the generation of innovation through entrepreneurship, he said.

ONE (Oracle Next Education), an educational platform that includes structured training courses in technological skills and soft skills in which students participate for six months, is a good example of this.

ONE has created alliances with clients and business partners so that these students can participate in the selection processes and have job opportunities, in such a way that greater diversity is achieved in companies in the future. ONE’s mission is to generate comprehensive development so that people come out as well prepared as possible, both personally and professionally.

Meanwhile, Oracle Academy is the Oracle program that enables teachers to train students from all institutions in the skills of the fourth industrial revolution. As part of these initiatives in 2021, the Puerto Rico Department of Education and Oracle signed a four-year agreement that will allow the teaching of computer science through the Java programming language to 9,060 students and 302 teachers from 130 schools.

2nd generation cloud leaders and smart services
Today’s companies must increase their productivity and competitiveness in the context of Industry 4.0, the company stated. To this end, Oracle has made its cloud infrastructure available to companies in the region, “which enables new autonomous capabilities, greater controls, and great productivity advantages.”

Joining the cloud are applications that are the fabric that connects all parts of the business from customer experience, workforce, finance and operations, and supply chain. To achieve this connection, the data is enhanced with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain and the Internet of Things that allow intelligent and hyperconnected organizations.

Businesses in the Caribbean are already experiencing this application experience that includes emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence applications for ERP, Customer Experience, and HCM; IOT applications for monitoring assets, production, fleets and connected workers and blockchain applications for intelligent tracking and tracing.

“With this type of cloud technology, businesses can be prepared for the future and be able to overcome change,” said Marrero.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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