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$3M Ventanas Restaurant opens at El Conquistador Resort

The new venue offers views of the Caribbean and a menu inspired by local flavors. 

With space for more than 235 guests, the new Ventanas Restaurant has opened its doors at El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. With an investment exceeding $3 million, the redesigned space is inspired by earthy and emerald green colors.

From any point in the restaurant, diners can enjoy the impressive views of the Caribbean Sea, a detail that inspired the name of the restaurant, according to the owners.

Upon entering the space, the eye first flows to its floors inspired by the art deco era. Continuing the tour, all the warm wood details make the space feel cozy. The restaurant’s focal point is the central bar, featuring a wooden yawl ceiling that contrasts with its white top and gold and bronze accents.

With the opening of this restaurant, the resort now offers a dozen dining areas where guests and members can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Puerto Rican, as well as seafood, pizza and hamburgers.

Ventanas’ menu was created by the resort’s executive chef, Osvaldo Ortega, and the food and beverage director, Miguel Martínez. The flavors of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico were the launching point and are prominently featured throughout the menu.

“Our idea is to highlight our culture and traditions on a gastronomic level. That mix of flavors that makes us unique and is recognized worldwide,” said Ortega.

“Our wish is that everyone who visits us can have a multisensory experience, starting with the decoration alluding to the Caribbean and its elegance, the music that allows the diner to find their way, the smells that open the taste buds, the vision in the presentation of our dishes and the vibrant colors that represent us. Finally, it is the seasoning that distinguishes us, with a base of sofrito, recao [culantro], cilantro and aromatics unique to our region,” he added.

The news release adds that the resort, which is operated by local firm Royale Blue Hospitality, features 511 rooms and has created more than 800 direct jobs.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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