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AbbVie, Direct Relief join to provide backpacks with medical supplies

Employees from AbbVie’s manufacturing sites in Puerto Rico assembled 480 first-aid backpacks equipped with medical supplies which Direct Relief, a humanitarian support entity will distribute in Puerto Rico.

The backpacks were specially designed to support rescuers and first aid personnel in emergencies and disasters, the company stated.

“As part of our commitment to Puerto Rico, the AbbVie Manufacturing Plants team was organized to assemble the first aid backpacks in record time, supporting preparedness for emergency and disaster response on the island,” said David Thompson, leader of the AbbVie Biotechnology Limited Plant (ABL).

Meanwhile, Luis David Rodriguez, program specialist for Direct Relief said first aid backpacks are the main item requested from this entity in emergencies and disasters. 

“First-aid backpacks will help primary health centers, rescuers, and first-time personnel with essential materials and equipment in the task of saving lives in emergencies. The voluntary work of AbbVie employees supports our management,” Rodriguez said.

Among the supplies included in each backpack are stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, otoscope, thermometer and first aid items such as gauze, bandages, mask for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), among others. 

Direct Relief will be distributing first aid backpacks to Primary Health Centers 330, entities working with emergency response and the Puerto Rico Medical Reserve Corps (Medical Reserve Corps) among others.

First-aid backpacks were funded through AbbVie’s donation to Direct Relief to strengthen the health services system, following Hurricane María.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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