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Airbnb identifies 20+ cities in Puerto Rico that got booked for 1st time

Airbnb collected data that identified more than 20 Puerto Rican cities, in all regions, that had their first accommodation booked on the platform since the start of the pandemic.

The hosts are opening new locations in Puerto Rico for local and international tourists, as they also noticed changes in tourists’ behavior, including the decentralization of tourism in Puerto Rico, the travel platform said.

Some of the first booked areas are: Animas, Arecibo; Bairoa, Caguas; Bajadero, Arecibo; Cayuco, Utuado; Comunas, Yabucoa; Corcovado, Hatillo; Coto Norte, Vega Baja; Duque, Naguabo; El Negro, Yabucoa; Espino, Añasco; La Dolores, Rio Grande; Pajonal, Florida; Peña Pobre, Naguabo; Sabana Hoyos, Arecibo; and Santa Barbara, Canovanas.

The decentralization of destinations is beneficial for the tourism in Puerto Rico since it presents new options of accommodation in local destinations away from the traditional touristy places, Airbnb said.

It also helps to promote authentic listings offered by hosts on Airbnb, which allows a greater connection with local communities that also create a big impact on the cities’ income generation.

Recently Airbnb also announced changes to its platform, specifically to the way it searches, with Airbnb Categories.

Now, when people log into Airbnb, they are presented with 56 categories that include more than 4 million shared spaces organized by style, location, or proximity to a travel activity.

When people search for a destination, their search results are also organized by categories that are relevant to that place.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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