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Aluminios de P.R. resumes operations in Humacao after $4M investment

Aluminios de Puerto Rico announced the re-start of its manufacturing plant operations at the Industrial Park in Humacao. The company invested $4 million, which will generate 115 jobs in five years.

“We celebrate the reopening of Aluminios of Puerto Rico’s aluminum plant in Humacao, which will result in economic benefits for many families and for consumers, because this plant’s production will not rely solely on imported aluminum to manufacture doors, windows, shutters and other products, reducing costs and wait times, ” said Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who toured the plant’s operations along with a number of government officials.

“Now more than ever we need to manufacture these products here in Puerto Rico, to expedite recovery efforts after Hurricane María,” he added.

ALPUR, as the operation is known, acquired the aluminum extrusion machinery and equipment after the plant closed in 2015. It also leased the property from the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, known as Pridco, where most of the equipment and machinery was housed.

In addition, the new investors repaired the building structure with an investment of some $2 million.

Meanwhile, Economic Development and Commerce Executive Director Manuel Laboy said Pridco awarded ALPUR up to $115,000 in job creation incentives, and a $500,000 incentive for the purchase of equipment and machinery from the Puerto Rico Special Economic Development Fund.

Laboy, who also heads Pridco, said, “we’re confident that this investment to improve the efficiency of the operation will bear good fruit for Puerto Rico, create jobs in this region, help manufacture products that the island needs and contribute to economic development because the operations will restart with capital that stays in the island and produces a positive ripple effect that generates more economic activity.”

In a separate interview, Puerto Rico Manufacturing Association President Rodrigo Masses said the 115 direct jobs will generate some 300 indirect jobs, all of which are necessary not only in the eastern region, but throughout the island to kick-start economic development.

Aluminios de Puerto Rico President José Casanova-Márquez, said the company already has key personnel with experience in the operation and maintenance of the plant.

“Modernization of the manufacturing process is essential to be competitive in the long term and will be achieved through the conversion of electric induction furnaces to propane gas, which will significantly reduce energy costs,” he said.

“We’re also evaluating the diversification of the customer base, including export opportunities profiles in the U.S. mainland and the Lesser Antilles,” Casanova-Márquez said.

ALPUR Co-owners Carlos R. Román-González and Juan M. López-Vicente, said “what began as an interesting business opportunity has become a commitment to our new customers, with the municipality of Humacao and all our employees and their families.”

“We’re very grateful for the support we have received from Pridco and the Workforce Development Program for the modernization of our processes and to add key talent, enabling us to compete with aluminum being imported from other countries,” Román-González said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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