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EVERTEC announces new scholarship program

EVERTEC President Mac Schuessler.

EVERTEC President Mac Schuessler.

Transaction processing company EVERTEC Inc. announced Monday a new merit and needs based scholarship program, designed to recognize and reward Puerto Rico students who have demonstrated academic success, as well as significant accomplishments in community service.

“As part of our commitment to foster long-term economic development in Puerto Rico, we are investing in EVERTEC’s most important asset: our people. The steps we are taking today will help secure a future talented pool of professionals for our Company, and for others doing business on the island,” said EVERTEC President Mac Schuessler.

The EVERTEC Scholarship Program has been created to reward 25 students, residents of Puerto Rico, who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in accredited educational institutions on the island. Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, and having been chosen, each student will receive $1,000 for the upcoming academic year 2015-2016.

Furthermore, the company announced the EVERTEC Executive Scholarship for its employees’ children, who after achieving a high school degree want to study abroad. EVERTEC’s executives and board members are providing funding for this scholarship with matching grants by the company. The company expect that scholarship recipients commit to returning to Puerto Rico after completing their degree.

“These Executive Scholarships give local students the opportunity to learn in some of the world’s leading academic institutions, while exposing themselves to best practices in multiple areas of study,” Schuessler said,

“Our invitation for the scholarship awardees to return to the island seeks to further broaden the intellectual capital available to potential employers,” he added.

All students who attend a public, private school or who are homeschooled in Puerto Rico are eligible for consideration. Those interested in applying for the EVERTEC Scholarship Program can register at evertecinc.com/becas.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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