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Call opens for 3rd edition of P.R. IT Innovation Awards

The Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster opened the call for the third edition of the Puerto Rico IT Innovation Awards, which recognize the work of individuals and leading companies in the island’s information technology industry.

“As a Board, we decided to continue this effort for the third consecutive year, since it has been very positive for the industry, and in such a short time, it already has great prestige, not only locally but internationally,” said Antonio Sosa-Pascual, who along with Juan Carlos Chipi, are the co-chairs of the PRITC’s board.

The island’s IT industry is positioned as one of the fastest growing and generating the most economic development, with more companies developing in this field, the executives said.

That said, and to continue raising awareness about the importance of the industry in all its dimensions, Chipi said the Board’s main interest behind these awards is “that they continue to be carried out under the highest standards of quality and transparency, as has been done so far. In addition, we encourage more companies and individuals to participate so that our industry remains productive and competitive.”

The PR IT Innovation Awards are divided into five categories that will recognize outstanding individuals, products, projects and organizations in this sector. The five categories are: Intellectual Property Award, IT Project of the Year, Technological Exporter of the Year, Technological Startup of the Year and Social Impact Award.

Meanwhile, Board member David Linares, who’s in charge of the awards this year, announced that the nomination period will run Feb. 17 to March 31.

The selected winners will be recognized during the 2020 CIO & IT Leadership Conference, the IT Industry’s main platform on the island, which has been celebrated successfully for the past six years.

The strategic objectives of these awards are: to raise awareness about the importance of the IT industry in Puerto Rico; recognize individuals, products, projects and organizations for their relevance in the industry and make the IT industry a leader in technological innovation, business impact, industry contribution, international projection and social benefit; as well as increase the competitiveness of the industry versus the region.

“As spokesmen for the industry, we call on any individual and/or company that wishes to participate, to do so. Now is the time for industry participants to openly celebrate the excellence of IT in Puerto Rico, contributing to the continued growth of the island as an industry powerhouse,” Linares said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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