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DACO to investigate direct sales on websites, social media networks

The interim secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO, in Spanish), Lisoannette González-Ruíz, has announced the start of what she called a “comprehensive” operation to inspect direct sales through websites and social media networks.

The goal is to safeguard consumer rights, ensuring that vendors comply with all agency regulations.

“DACO has a pressing interest in ensuring the rights of consumers in Puerto Rico. We recognize that there is a marked increase in the sale of articles and goods, such as cars and properties, both residential and commercial, using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and websites such as clasificadosonline.com,” she said.

“It’s important that anyone who promotes the sale of a product, service or good on any of these websites does so following all the regulations established by DACO,” González-Ruíz said.

The “Guarantees, Even in Online Shopping” initiative is aimed at reviewing the sales content on these websites.

“Our inspectors in all regional offices [San Juan, Arecibo, Mayagüez, Ponce and Caguas] will be monitoring these pages and websites to guarantee consumers that their rights are upheld in each transaction,” she said.

“Let’s remember that much more is sold on these pages than regular items. Residential and commercial properties, motor vehicles and other assets are promoted,” González Ruíz said. “Not only do people do it [individually], but businesses also market their goods and services on these platforms.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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