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ESJ Towers rebadged as ESJ Azul after $12M facelift

ESJ Towers, located in the municipality of Carolina, has undergone an extensive six-month renovation to the tune of $12 million led by travel industry veteran Keith St. Clair. After the renovation that added approximately 30 direct employees to the roster  the property has been re-branded as ESJ Azul.

The collection of properties now branded as ESJ Collection include the new ESJ Azul, The Noir and Verde, which in aggregate will create approximately 1,000 new jobs according to a statement from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

“Our vision is to create a number of ESJ hotels in Isla Verde and recreation and entertainment spaces as well,” said St. Clair.

He declined to give more specific information, saying that the contracts “are being completed and done.” St. Clair said he would be ready to announce the “next stage of the ESJ Collection” in 30 days.

The ESJ Azul has 170 timeshare rooms out of 450 total rooms. The property has 5,000 timeshare members and he expects that number to more than double to 11,000 once the next two properties are developed. Timeshare members tend to be families that drive repeat business,” the executive said.

Last summer, St. Clair headed an investment group that acquired the ESJ Towers and quickly subjected the 40 year-old property to an extensive renovation of the building and its grounds, which included hallways and landings on all 17 floors, game room, lobby bar and lounge area and a new hospitality center.

The changes included creating an entrance from the lobby directly to the beach with additional landscaping enhancements to allow for unobstructed views of the ocean and the beach.

“I want to make a difference, not just in the renaissance of Isla Verde but of Puerto Rico,” said St. Clair, who went on to suggest renaming the Isla Verde area as Isla Verde Beach, comparing it favorably to Venice Beach, California.

“I am living in Isla Verde, building in Isla Verde and investing in Isla Verde,” said St. Clair, who received an Act 22 decree in September 2015.

“Keith pays a lot of taxes, his operations pay a lot of taxes and employ a lot of people,” said Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Alberto Bacó.

“He is a visionary and a visionary with capital”, something that Puerto Rico needs, Bacó added.

“I am a young Puerto Rican, an old man, but a young Puerto Rican,” quipped St. Clair.

Author Details
Author Details
Author Edison Reynaldo Misla is a former publisher, editor and reporter, who currently works as a strategic business communications consultant.


  1. GREG RIVERA April 4, 2017

    give people free drink when they come in

  2. Tim Yromans July 29, 2017

    Why and how our they charging timeshare owners a renovation fee of 2 times their maintenance fee for each week they own on top of the yearly maintenance fee.

  3. Evie July 31, 2017

    “Why and how our they charging timeshare owners a renovation fee of 2 times their maintenance fee for each week they own on top of the yearly maintenance fee.” Exactly Tim Yromans. I just received a letter about the same with a bill due 5 days from correspondence delivery. Surprise!…Here is a bill you were not even aware it was even coming and nevertheless prepared for. Unbelievable!

    1. Bob Brennan September 18, 2017

      If the 2x main ten ever fee is not paid for the renovation ,what is the timeframe for payment- some units have 10years some 5 some 12- need more info- -I have 5 years left on my original agreement-Need an update- BobB

  4. Mike Nicholson November 3, 2017

    My parents own 8 weeks of prime time timeshare. I don’t see them ever using it again. Is there a market for this Timeshare?

  5. Charmayne January 11, 2018

    Anyone looking to purchase the deed for a 2 week lifetime at Christmas/New Years? 17 floor penthouse 1 bedroom unit, full kitchen, living room, laundry, and spectacular view. 12/17 to 01/02.

  6. Ramonita Vega February 17, 2020

    I own a time share at the ESJ Towers and I have been paying my maintenance fee on time as soon as I received the bill in January of every year for the past 25 years. This year I paid my maintenance fee in January of 2020 on time. I recently received a bill in February 2020. I feel like they are charging twice this year. I called accounting serval times and the call does not go through, no one seems to answer accounting. So I continued to call and finally I got someone from TimeShare services. She give me some story about how the January bill was for the year 2019- through May 2020. Now I have been sent a bill in January 2020 and was told that bill covers up the the month of June 2020-2021.She stated that I did not have to pay this bill right away that I had until May of 2020, as if this is suppose to solve my. problem. I still feel they are charging twice this year. She tried to justify it by saying that last year accounting sent out the bills late in April. This is not true because I never received a bill in April of last year. I recieved it in January 2020 as always for the past 25 years. She went on to say the people have been calling and that they didn’t understand that the billing system had changed. The story she gave does not make sense. In the past when Hurricane Marie ESJ sent a letter asking all owners to send $1000.00 do;;are because they had suffered great damages due to the hurricane, I sent that check in good faith this was for renovation. What happened to that money.


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