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30 finalists vying for SME P.R.’s Marketing Excellence Awards

The Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association announced the finalists, 30 in total, of this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards in 2018.

“This year will celebrate 30 years of the award and we are excited to report that we received a record 63 nominations, representing 32 leading brands marketing our island,” said Ramón Rodríguez, director of the SME’s Nominating Committee.

“More importantly, this award seeks to honor the brands displaying modern strategies and tactics changed the course of their business,” said Rodríguez, who is also member of the SME’s board.

“In several nominated entries we saw how, in the past year, industries that projected deceleration and decline in market share, transformed themselves and significantly grew their results amid many business challenges. That’s what marketing is about — to provoke change and acceleration, so we’re proud of all participants,” Rodríguez said.

The evaluation process is rigorous and divided into two phases, he said. First, the committee evaluated the campaigns that met the requirements for nomination and through electronic voting selected the finalists.

On Oct. 12, the finalists will present their campaigns to the jury, composed of directors of high-profile marketing companies, to determine the winners.

The finalists by category, — excluding Marketing PR and Events Marketing, which did not move on to the second round — are:

Multichannel Marketing

  • Alcanza tu Medalla: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR
  • Food Truck Love: AT&T | Lopito, Ileana & Howie
  • La Red de Todos: Claro PR | Badillo Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Medalla Restart: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR
  • Mi Navidad no se Apaga: M&M | BBDO PR
  • Panadería del Rey: Burger King | De la Cruz & Associates

Cause-Marketing & Outreach Community

  • Ace Viste a PR de Esperanza: Ace | StratWise Communications
  • Aid Media: Asociación de Outdoor Media | DDB Latina PR
  • Dame una Patita: Pedigree | BBDO PR

Corporate Communications

  • Hope Delivery: Suiza Dairy | Grey Puerto Rico
  • Medalla Restart: Medalla Light | DB Latina PR
  • Red BK: Burger King | De la Cruz & Associates

Consumer Promotion

  • Bella on a Budget: Walmart | DDB Latina PR
  • La cartera Mágica de Mamá: Plaza del Caribe | Sajo García & Alcázar
  • Sonido del Sabor: Coca-Cola | DDB Latina PR

Trade Marketing

  • En Casa de Todos: Clorox Bleach, Mistolin & Lestoil | The Clorox Co.

Digital Marketing

  • Caja Sorpresa: Walmart | DDB Latina PR
  • Instrumentos de Resiliencia: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR
  • Ñapapitas: McDonald’s | TBWA San Juan
  • Restart a la Calle: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR

Guerrilla, And Ambush Experiential Marketing

  • Beer Pops: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR
  • Dropper Frog: Clorox | DDB Latina PR
  • SanSe’ 2018: Silver Key Light | Viviré

Real-Time Marketing

  • Banderas: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR
  • Hope Delivery: Suiza Dairy | Grey Puerto Rico
  • La Reina: Burger King | De la Cruz & Associates
  • Medalla Comes Home: Medalla Light | DDB Latina PR

Radio Marketing

  • Late Night: McDonald’s | TBWA San Juan
  • Mi Navidad no se Apaga: M&M | BBDO PR
  • Tus Películas te Esperan en Casa: Liberty | Sajo, García & Alcázar

The winners will be announced at the SME Marketing Summit: Growth via Disruption Oct. 17 at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino as part of “Puerto Rico Marketing Week.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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