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FirstBank delivers donation to Martín Peña Recicla nonprofit

FirstBank announced its sixth donation to Martin Peña Recicla, a contribution that will go toward the remodeling of the nonprofit’s facilities, which will include an office space, a meeting room, a storage area, and a collection center in Santurce.

The funding comes from the financial institution’s “Dona tu Celu” mobile phone recycling campaign.

“We continue to invite our customers and the community in general to donate the cell phones, chargers, and accessories they no longer use at our FirstBank branches around the island,” said Catherine Ríos, FirstBank’s community reinvestment officer.

“Our alliance with E-Cycling, which does the recycling and guarantees the destruction of confidential information, makes it possible to make donations to Martin Peña Recicla for the market value of the recycled equipment,” she said.

Since 2014, through the “Dona tu Celu” Cellphone Recycling Program, a total of 12,024 cell phones have been recycled, which translates into $12,968.45 donated to Martín Peña Recicla for the value of the equipment. 

Martín Peña Recicla is a community organization that has a solid waste management and disposal program in the communities around the Martín Peña Channel.  

“Each cellphone contains highly dangerous substances that can remain in the environment. On average, they are made up of 25% reusable components, 72% recyclable materials, and 3% toxic elements. We urge you to continue recycling your cell phones,” said José Rivera, president of E-Cycling Puerto Rico Inc. 

“This way, we help get rid of toxic waste from our soils, since the pollutants alter the balance or well-being of our ecosystem,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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