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Ford opens ‘Auto Remedio’ nominations in Puerto Rico

Ford’s exclusive technologies include the hands-free liftgate, which opens the back end by simply activating a motion sensor.

Ford’s exclusive technologies include the hands-free liftgate, which opens the back end by simply activating a motion sensor.

Ford Motor Company is offering Puerto Rican drivers an opportunity to win a vehicle equipped with the Ford-exclusive advanced technologies, as part of the second phase of its “Auto Remedio” marketing campaign.

During the next three months, Ford is inviting drivers to submit nominations online to explain how a vehicle equipped with Ford’s award-winning and innovative technology would benefit them and their lifestyle.

Participants will be able to nominate friends, family members, acquaintances and even themselves as candidates for the chance to win the best “Auto Remedio:” a new Ford vehicle.

The marketing campaign, which began in April with the launch of three television spots filmed entirely on location in Puerto Rico, shows how Ford’s technologies improve drivers’ quality of life. The ads focus on people with an automotive-related problem who need a solution — or remedy — whether it’s a way to open the back end while carrying packages (addressed by the hands-free liftgate), better fuel mileage (EcoBoost engine) or help at parallel parking (Active Park Assist).

Ford has received hundreds of “Auto Remedio” nominations, showcasing consumers with numerous driving concerns including fear of parallel parking and vehicles that consume too much gas.

“Compared to other automotive brands on the Island, what distinguishes Ford as the bestselling American brand is our technology,” said Crucita Santiago, marketing manager for Ford Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean. “We are committed to improving consumers’ driving experience, thus with this campaign, we encourage the public to learn about the benefits of owning a smart, Ford vehicle, with the opportunity to win one.”

Nominations will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, authenticity and humor. Furthermore, the person who nominates the future winner of “Auto Remedio” will receive a $5,000 prize. Nominations can be submitted through Oct. 28, and the winner will be announced Nov. 11.

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Author Details
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  1. Kenneth McClintock August 27, 2013

    Just yesterday, I (finally) received a $3,400 check from Hacienda, reimbursing the excise taxes on the Ford Fusion hybrid vehicle I’d bought last January. Although I believe that benefit has since been phased out, just the advantage of being able to drive for two or three weeks before filling the tank makes driving a hybrid worth it!

  2. Sonia Noemi Torres October 14, 2013

    If i can only do a change and a dream come true i need a FORD=Forever On Road Driving


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