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Foundation for Puerto Rico partners with Nat’l Puerto Rico CofC to reach diaspora

Looking to pursue a socioeconomic transformation for the island, Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) has established a collaboration agreement with the National Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (NPRCC) to promote relationships among Puerto Rican entrepreneurs in the mainland U.S., Puerto Rico-based business owners and communities on the island.

The NPRCC is an entity created to support business development, innovation and commercial expansion throughout Puerto Rico and the United States, serving as a bridge between both, the trade group stated.

“Puerto Rico is much more than 100 x 35. In 2018, the Puerto Rican population in the United States reached 5.8 million according to the federal Census Bureau,” said Alan Taveras, director of development and marketing at FPR.

“With this collaboration agreement, we seek to strengthen ties with those Puerto Rican entrepreneurs in the mainland, who we are certain have a genuine interest in Puerto Rico and want to promote the economic development of the island and its communities,” he said.

“Through this collaboration, both entities serve as a bridge between the diaspora and Puerto Ricans on the island,” Taveras. “We believe that the entrepreneurial community of Puerto Ricans residing in the states is crucial to the economic development of the island and the growth of its businesses.”

As part of the collaboration agreement, FPR will supply NPRCC with educational content and resources to enrich the organization’s website, enabling more vendors and business owners to access free workshops and training sessions that cover subjects such as innovation, visitor economy, the benefits of doing business on the island, resilience and sustainability.

Additionally, both organizations will encourage joint participation in debates, forums and discussion panels focused on the subject of Puerto Rico’s economic development.

“There’s a saying that goes, ‘We are One People,’ that refers to the relationship between Puerto Rico and the diaspora. This association between NPRCC and FPR puts this saying into action,” said Joel Berrocal, executive director of the NPRCC.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses to connect, collaborate and grow, and it is a testament to the strong relationship between Puerto Ricans on the island and the diaspora. We look forward to the many achievements that will arise from this partnership,” Berrocal said.

“The possibilities for entrepreneurs are endless. Through educational initiatives, networking events, access to capital, advocacy efforts and much more, they can help create an ecosystem that provides more support for entrepreneurs and their businesses,” the chamber’s director added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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