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Health Industry Information Platform mobile app hits local market

Two years since its conceptualization, the Health Industry Information Platform mobile app has been launched in Puerto Rico to gather sector information and put it in the hands of physicians with private practices.

Salvador Rovira, who heads the initiative, said the information will also benefit hospitals. About $150,000 in private investment was made to establish the platform that generates 10 jobs in his firm, Rovira Rodríguez Group.

“Today’s launch in Puerto Rico, represents our ability to contribute to the island’s medical class,” Rovira said. 

“We know that many times doctors have their practices with a high volume of patients per day. HIIP comes to alleviate the burden of managing their practices and being able to do it all in one application, in an efficient manner and with trained personnel to handle each of these areas,” he said.

HIIP contains several functions among which is a chat that complies with all the standards and regulations of the HIPAA Law, providing physicians with an effective way to minimize risks in making decisions about the treatment of a patient. 

“This chat is a tool so that island doctors subscribed to HIIP can interact in real time and share of impressions in the treatment of patients, as well as an effective mechanism to refer patients to each other in an agile way,” said Rovira. 

“This should contribute to a better management of the treatment of patients, as general practitioners and specialists can be in direct communication and coordinate the best possible treatment,” he added.

In addition to the chat feature, HIIP has a module called “Supplier Collection,” a supplier research tool by town and specialty, including doctors, emergency rooms, hospitals, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, mental health center, cannabis and dialysis clinics. 

This app calculated there are some 9,000 physicians in Puerto Rico and identifies the niches and medical specialties that are needed by region on the island. This database also allows a better relationship between doctor and patient as it sets the foundation for the referral of services.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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