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Invest Puerto Rico launches real estate, workforce data platforms

Invest Puerto Rico (InvestPR), the island’s business attraction organization, has launched two online platforms. These tools provide data and insights into Puerto Rico’s real estate and workforce landscape, reaffirming InvestPR’s role as a connector and supplier of market intelligence.

The real estate platform, developed in partnership with RED Atlas, offers a curated digital database of industrial properties across Puerto Rico. The collaboration with InvestPR enhances the platform, featuring exclusive listings and property details not previously aggregated in such an accessible and industry-specific manner. RED Atlas is known for its data collection and verification, ensuring users receive reliable property information. 

Rafael Pérez, InvestPR’s senior business development director, emphasized the platform’s innovative approach, stating, “This partnership with RED Atlas marks a significant advancement in how investors can access and utilize real estate data in Puerto Rico. Unlike traditional methods, this platform consolidates extensive property details, offering a level of convenience and depth in decision-making tools that were previously unavailable.” 

The second initiative, the Workforce Dashboard, is a result of InvestPR’s partnership with business consulting firm Estudios Técnicos Inc. This platform is tailored to present statistics about the island’s workforce. Its data repository, featuring key metrics and insights, is geared toward providing companies with information that highlights Puerto Rico’s human capital strengths.

“This tool revolutionizes how businesses understand and utilize Puerto Rico’s labor market data. Thanks to the alliance with InvestPR, investors can access a comprehensive, real-time view of the island’s workforce capabilities for the first time. With this information, investors are empowered to thrive in Puerto Rico’s dynamic economy,” said John Bozek, InvestPR’s director of research and strategy. 

Both platforms can be found in the Business Tools section of the InvestPR website, “further solidifying its reputation as the go-to hub for all investment-related information about the island,” InvestPR said.

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