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Luis Muñoz Marín Airport celebrates arrival of 11 millionth passenger

Only one month shy of the year’s end and amid a festive atmosphere, the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) celebrated the arrival of the 11 millionth passenger to the island in 2023.

“This is a historic figure that anticipates other passenger movement records in December and in the years to come,” said Jorge Hernández, president of Aerostar Puerto Rico. “It’s good news for the airport community, the tourism industry and for the island.”

To celebrate the occasion, the airport’s operating company welcomed the traveler at his arrival gate in Terminal B with a lively celebration, featuring Afro-Caribbean rhythms performed by the Gíbaro ensemble and several commemorative gifts.

The 11 millionth passenger is Héctor Julián Romero, a 43-year-old Colombian entrepreneur. His arrival on the island was at 11:55 a.m. and he flew in on Avianca Flight 214 from Bogotá, Colombia.

Upon the flight’s arrival, he was greeted by the Aerostar team, led by Hernández, representatives from the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (PRTC) and the airline.

Hernández welcomed Romero on behalf of the airport community.

Meanwhile, Aerostar’s staff welcomed him with typical Puerto Rican items and a $1,100 check, courtesy of the company. In addition, a representative from Avianca gifted him with a round-trip ticket to return to Puerto Rico.

“The Luis Muñoz Marín Airport is establishing itself in a highly competitive industry. On Dec. 27, 2022, we happily celebrated the arrival of the 10 millionth passenger through our facilities. This year, in 11 months, we have surpassed that figure, and we are pleased to announce that we have reached 11 million passengers,” Hernández added.

He noted that the growth in airport activity is reflected in the establishment of new routes and increased flight frequencies.

“We celebrate the trust that airlines and passengers have placed on our performance, which has allowed us to exceed air traffic figures,” Hernández said. “Achieving these historic passenger numbers has required constant work in coordination with the airport community, airlines and the government, along with an equally historic investment of $300 million in the past 10 years of Aerostar’s operations in Puerto Rico.”

The executive highlighted that the strategies pursued by the company are aimed at increasing the airport’s competitiveness compared with other airports in the region, thus contributing to the development of tourism and commercial activity in Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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